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Death Of Response Rate - Spam Messages - Like And Comment for Support

Hello Fiverr Community

Today I would like to share a small observation.

Regarding SPAM messages coming our Inbox, I realized that recently, I hit the Report button before responding at all…

Within 1 Hour of double checking my messages for another message received (from a legitimate buyer this time), I noticed that - That Spam Message I blocked earlier…The timer on it was still TICKING! :open_mouth:

What To DO? :-?? - I Hit Unspam, Responded saying “You Will be Reported for Misconduct”, then Hit Report Once again.

This stopped that dreaded little clock from “Ticking My Response Rate To Death!” :!!

A day after I realized that My response rate went to 99% - I Alerted Good ol’ CS about it and they eventually had it restored.

So Just a Tip: BE ALERT With all the little sections of your account… One little slip can cause you to inadvertently sabotage your own profile

  • I Suggest just letting the spammer know they will be reported before hitting Report. IT CAN Save your Response Rate!

    This is going towards the petition to Remove the Response Rate as It also can prove dreadful overall to the Seller’s Profile Health

    Have A Great Week Team m/



FYI - You might want to edit this post and move it to the Suggestion Box. The chances of it being seen in any other forum category is very, very low. If there is an open post regarding Response Rate in the News category that is your other bet, but not as good as the Suggestions.

And, just in case, I will voice my support for the removal of the response rate feature altogether. If that isn’t going to happen, my secondary support is to somehow fix the problem with response rates being affected in any way by blocked or spam messages.

Moved. Let me know if there is any further action I need to take from this end.


@fonthaunt - Sounds Great! - I work hard to keep my 100% rating in the hunt to get featured soon, so I am all against anything that could sabotage that.

Lets press to get this done!


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks - I will move it over to the suggestions category - But i still somehow want to alert the sellers on how to possibly avoid being affected, until the fix is in place… Any suggestions?


Reply to @speedy876: Well, all sellers can still see the post in the Suggestion Box. I would suggest changing your title and adding a line to your post. I’ll give you ideas for that below. Or, as an alternative you could pull up the exiting thread with a petition for removing response rate and joining forces with those who are already talking about that topic.

If you decide to keep this thread and put it there, you could change the title to something like “Death of Response Rate - Spam - Like and Comment Here” (I think that will fit. Leave the post as-is but add a line at the bottom inviting people to like your post and add their comments if they agree with you. That both warns sellers and gives them a place to actually act on those feelings.

If you want to join forces with the other thread which already had a lot of response, I can find the link for you. You could leave this post here for awareness but add your thoughts to that thread as well. Then you could invite others to continue supporting that thread in the Suggestion Box and I can close this thread for you with a hyperlink to the other thread at the end.

If all you want to do is warn, the thread could be left here although some moderators may feel it fits a different category and move it. If you want people to take action, though, one of the above choices would suit your needs better.

Reply to @speedy876: It’s worth a try. People may have already voiced their thoughts in other threads but if some others add to this thread and comment, it doesn’t hurt!