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Death spiral (title is now 15+ characters)

Last month I cancelled two orders in a row, by mutual agreement with the buyers, they were needing something I could not do. Don’t even remember what it was. My volume is low. Low enough that those two consecutive cancellations threw my completion rate to around 85% for two months in a row so I went from level 2 to no level Pretty quickly, my completion rate is now 89% but the second cancellation drops in a few days so I think I will go back up next month… Been on Fiverr for 8 years, in and out. In when I feel positive and optimistic and out when I get frustrated. But now in searches I show as “NEW!” (and with 350+ positive reviews). Thank you very much. I decided to try the “Available Now” feature a few days ago. Couple of hours every day. No luck. Today, while I was “Available Now” I get a message from a customer to whom I sold a gig two weeks ago. They gave me 5 stars a few days ago but were asking about a macro that didn’t work as expected (on a new dataset). So I went back to find the old order, find the file I had sent and remind myself what the macro was supposed to do. Kill me if you have to, but this took me more than 5 minutes. So after I exchange a few messages with this person (think I pointed them in the right direction but who knows, it may come back to haunt me in a few days) when I go back to the Fiverr page I see that I am not only not longer “Available Now” but also penalized for failing to answer within 5 minutes. Kill me again. Shouldn’t this apply only to NEW communication? I don’t know. Just a thought. Have a nice day.


Maybe, but surely it would be easier to just send a “Give me a moment, I am checking this out for you” message.