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Death threats via fiverr - who do I report this to?


So earlier this week I dealt with a buyer who left a personal attack aimed at me as a gig review on my story writing gig (“This girl is a s**g”) and so I dealt with this by contacting customer support (To which I’ve had no reply) But said buyer is now messaging me death threats, calling me several abusive names in the process as well as using vulgar language. Now, I’m aware that the death threats hold no value seeing as this buyer has no idea who I am in real life, but nonetheless what should I do about this? Seeing as I’ve already contacted customer support and don’t want to increase my waiting time even further, but yet obviously the issue has developed significantly since I contacted them. Afterall, this is obviously something which admins should know about…

On a slightly more positive note, I reached level two this morning! Yay!

Congrats on the new level!

You can update your existing support ticket by logging in on the support pages, this wont add to the ticket queue.

If your have reason to believe the threat is serious just file a police report. At worst they wont look in to it but at least if this person does anything to anyone in the future your report will show history of threats and online harassment.

If he’s threatening you through messages, click on the Report link on the bottom right of the message. Other than acting as a report, it will also block him from sending you further messages.

Just in case, I suggest also making and saving screenshots of threats.

Congrats on the new level!

Thanks, I didn’t know that you could add a further comment to your ticket. I have saved screenshots of the conversation so hopefully it won’t be too long until customer support get back to me now.