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Debit Card Processing Times Rant

We live in 2018, why is it that I have to wait an arbitrary amount of time to get my own money to be available to me in my bank?

I already have to wait 14 days with Fiverr, then I have to wait for Payoneer to ship my money, which can take upwards of 24 hours. THEN I have to wait for Chase to process the payment, which can take 1-3 business days. Yes, business days. Because COMPUTERS SLEEP IN ON SUNDAY

The thing is, we have the ability to ship that money instantly to our account through Payoneer. However, it costs money.

Am I the only person who thinks that we should not have to wait more than 24 hours for our transactions to go through? Or better yet, get our money same day?

I withdrew funds on Friday, and it is currently Monday and I still have not received them in my account. Why? Because of all of the above-mentioned nonsense. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to go grocery shopping.


I use PayPal. I can either use their debit card and spend the funds immediately or transfer to bank in 24h max.

The only reason I use Payoneer is because my bank considers it Direct Deposit, and if I don’t deposit 500$ in it a month, they change me 5$.

Hey @fonthaunt, with the PayPal card, if you want to withdraw money without paying a 2.50 inquiry fee, how can you do that? With a traditional ATM? Does it cost anything?

I use paypal too, and when I withdrawal the amount to my bank it never takes longer than 48 hrs, usually sooner, and it is also seen as a ‘direct deposit’ so I don’t pay any fees to receive the money (other then a bit for currency conversion to CAD)

I’m assuming your bank has a balance minimum of $500 and if you don’t meet it you are charged $5? Is that a separate issue?
edit: or do you mean you have to deposit at least $500 a month or they charge you? That sucks if so!

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I use the debit card to buy things with a pin number. If I use it at an ATM it does charge fees. I don’t remember how much, but it’s expensive. If I need cash I go with bank transfer but luckily I don’t often need cash.

I get you with the direct deposit. I switched banks over that. I use a bank that doesn’t charge a fee if I use my bank debit/credit card 8 times a month. (It also has never fee if there is direct deposit which I don’t have, or no fee if my balance stays above $100.) The 8 times is easiest for me.

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This one. And it does suck. I have to make sure I make enough or they charge me for being poor, lol

My main issue is that I have to withdraw money to pay my rent, other than that I don’t need to withdraw. But I should never have to pay money to get my own d*mn money out of my own bank.

My bank once didn’t like me switching between my debit account and my savings account so they turned my savings account into a debit without notifying me. They don’t seem to understand that it’s my money, so why do I have to worry about where my income goes in their own account? Ugh…

This is why cryptocurrency was invented. - And why some freelancing platforms already use only crypto.

Re. Payoneer, things get a bit tricky as they are an Israeli company based in Belize (where your money is held) and as such payments are all international and going between different tax jurisdictions. Money laundering regs mean that banks have to be more careful accepting payments etc.

I bank with CHASE, they treat me well. I like PayPal, if you pay $0.25, your money shows up on your account in minutes. They use a similar technology to what Venmo is using.

The 14 day waiting period is ridiculous. I don’t know any other business where people have to wait to get paid. Uber/Lyft allows you to withdraw the money right away. Contractors expect a deposit before they even start working, even a handyman expects a check at the end of the day. Can you imagine telling a maid that she’ll have to wait 14-days for her check?

My suggestion to you would be speak to your bank. Maybe if you open a business checking account, they’ll be easier with you. If you have an investment account, even better! You’ll never pay ATM fees again!

Even U* work allows you to withdraw the money after 4 days. So idk why Fiverr is so ancy about paying.

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Exactly! If it wasn’t for the bidding annoyance, I would be there all the time.

that is so lame, I had no idea banks did that!

Maybe you could tell your landlord you have a GREAT idea to help them get more on-time rent from people in the e-friendly economy. Suggest that they take PayPal for rent - you still have a digital paper trail so it’s pretty safe. Maybe they will love the idea and give you a discount. :slight_smile:

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