Dec 14 - Requesting Offical Answer


There are offers of 2 for 1 on fiverr. There are other offers of people in the forums to do Free gigs.

I’d like official ruling on the question or issue of “Barter” and “Trade” and “Free Offers” of gigs on fiverr.

I could see an argument for that being “bypassing Fiverr” since fiverr is losing a $1 for ever gig given away.

Any other thoughts are also welcome.


Interesting idea, i never thought about that…

oldbittygrandma said: Per TOS: Gigs® on Fiverr are offered for a fixed, base price of $5 (also referred to as one Fiver®).

So what you're suggesting is that a "barter" is an "offer" and thus should have a base price of $5 and go though the fiverr system, if I'm following you.



Reply to @oldbittygrandma: What are “bogos”?

magisworks said: "bogos"?

Buy One, Get One. BOGO.


Yep, I’m running a BOGO right now, because I’m at a loose end and want something to fill my time for the next few days. My theory is that if I get more orders than I would have otherwise, Fiverr’s actually made more money out of me than they would have if it were business as usual. I very rarely get people ordering more than one gig of mine at a time.

I also sometimes do free ‘extras’ for return customers - say they order a tea leaf reading, I’ll throw in an Aboukra reading too. That one’s a new gig, and it’s a pretty obscure system unlike stuff like tarot, so handing out a few freebies is one way to let the world know it’s a thing.