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Deceit, Lies and Dishonesty on Fiverr


My 2nd transaction, 1 bad experience the other is still in process, lets hope it’s not 2/2 bad experience. Please take note of this seller fragglesrock . Who is a professional liar and also very dishonest. You can hire this person to lie not to do work. I can’t explain the utter disgusts and disappointment that I have with this seller.

I have placed an order for a logo to be created. The add says “Within 24 hours”, and costs $25. Although I already know that realistically it should take 2-3 days the fastest for someone to create a good logo. At the 23rd ++ hour the seller sent a “Order Completed” message via Fiverr and I went to check it out. It was there that I found that this seller is a liar. The title says Order Completed, but the seller’s message was to inform that he/she is sick and requested more time.

Seriously? If you are sick and need more time why do you need to mark the order as completed?? The seller also continued to lie by saying that he/she will send me the completed logo within a few hours. I accepted the delay and waited for 12 hours without any news from the seller. Even with repeated messages still no news till now. If this is happening now, imagine what will happen when he/she send my order and I didnt like it? It could take months and tonnes of stress to complete a simple exercise.

Lucky for me for clicking the right button when I received the “Order Completed” message. I almost click on the “green” button but somehow I clicked on the “Request Modification” button. Then I proceed to cancel the order. Which the seller declined. And I cancelled again, he/she may decline again but I have submit my complaints to Customer Support for a full refund.

To those of you out there who are trying to get services from sellers on Fiverr I suggest that you spend some time and message potential sellers and gauge their personality and reliability prior ro making an order. Ask them questions about the order, the process, the delivery, the amendments etc, this way you will somewhat know if you got a professional or just an idiot with a computer + internet + somewhat knowledge of the topic trying to make a few bucks while working in a coffee shop. Also be extra cautious when making order to seller from “high flight risk / high dispute risk” regions. Never! Never Ever click on the “Green” button if you have not received your completed order, go for the “Request Modification” even if you think your order is completed.

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum. Please read Do’s & Dont’s and follow the rules.


I guess I’ll be unpopular, but unless that seller charged you $300 a logo and told you for an extra $25 he would turn it over in one night, I’m not seeing what the issue is.

How long did you expect someone to spend on a logo? $25 for overnight means that the person is working on less than a dollar an hour after commission and whatever they charged you (divide by 24). If that turns out to be less than minimum wage then I have to ask you what’s the problem?

A gallon of milk costs close to $5 in some US cities, which is why minimum wage now is a huge deal in the news. In order to even make minimum wage using $5 gigs (minus Fiverr’s 20% commission) you have to turn in 3 gigs an hour.

I think we sellers owe it to the buyers to manage expectations and be honest about what you will get for that money, but at the same time I think that people need to also be realistic.

Oscar Wilde’s famous quote about knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing ought to apply.

What can someone reasonably expect for $4?


Finally got my refund. Damn… long hassle to get that. What kind of tricks these sellers have. I will visit a local graphics design studio, sit with a real person and pay him real fees. Better than paying almost the same price on Fiverr.


I’m sorry that you had to go through this trouble, but like you said at the start, if you

had doubts from the beginning of being able to create a good logo in 24 hours, maybe

you should have asked another person.

Did you check his samples, comments from past buyers? How many reviews did he/she have?

I’m not completely sure if this seller was doing this to you intentionally, but unfortunately there are

some sellers here that tries to trick people and take your money. On the other hand there are plenty

of good and honest ( and talented of course) sellers here. I hope you give Fiverr another chance and

get some good work done. :slight_smile:


Ashraf_ali I know the feels.


They could have submitted the Order Completed message saying they were sick to get you to select the request modification button so that it wouldn’t affect their ratings with the late delivery.

Also, as a side note, you’re not supposed to call out names on fiverr. It’s against the polices.


Ashraf… Fiverr is a landmine full of scammers. If you have face to face dealings with a seller/provider you could confront them, report them etc but here sellers and fiverrs hide behind the wall of the web.

how lucky you are to get yr money back, in my case the cust support guy READ ALL THE MAILS BETWEEN SELLER N I , and claims he had done his job and refused to negotiate a mutual cancellation of one part.

I DID EVERYTHING and seller only needed to do visuals and mock ups and still has not delivered the 2 parts SO I SAID CANCEL THE 2 PARTS WHICH YOU JUST DONT SEEM TO GET. he refused and customer service refused

so i got screwed!

There must be a way we can warn all future Fiverr users…


Hi, Please don’t be so immature as to post people’s names. Even if this seller messed up public humiliation is ridiculous. You can get a new logo, pay real fees, and just overall keep it kind. Don’t assume certain regions behave a certain way. It really annoys me on Fiverr when people assume stuff about somebody’s location. I get people asking me if I’m a real American ALL the time and it is so annoying.


Not all sellers are like this on fiverr. Don’t believe in something that you know can’t be done unless the seller already has a good reputation. Even then be cautious.