December has been slow


It’s not just me, right? My order volume has been significantly lower this month. Is this a site-wide trend or am I losing momentum?


It has been exceptionally slow this month, not just here but on other sites I am involved on. Impressions, views and clicks are down for me and many others have mentioned it too. Thankfully I got a couple of bigger jobs to keep me busy but that was just good fortune.
Get out there and find more work, don’t just rely on Fiverr. Perhaps contact your regular customers and offer them a discount for work carried out in the next week etc. Use your initiative.


Pretty typical slow down time.




Same here. December is Down :frowning:


It’s the Christmas period so lots of people have less work for us to do. I’ve got a few projects this month but that was it. However, they were quite high paying jobs.

It will pick up again mid-January as that is when everyone will be back at work.


My gig views have totally decreased this month, hope it picks up soon!


Very slow month for me thus far.


My sales is also low this month. Don’t know why. :frowning:


I thought fiverr is over for me. But what relief! It’s not just for me.


In my experience December is always a month with a low rate of sales, mostly the second half with barely orders

I think on January everything will come back to normal

Happy Holidays!


Same for me …
December is slow


It’s slow for everyone, so relax :slight_smile:


it slow from november till now


Let the buyers enjoy holidays! :slight_smile:


Guess buyers are on holiday.slow for me too