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Decent Analytics, but still failing to grab orders

Hello, I am relatively a new seller. I have made around 10 or 11 gigs and so far have been able to get only one order. My average weekly analytics are pretty decent. I get around 250 impressions, 20-25 views and around 15 clicks. In fact, the order that I delivered got me a 5 star rating and a positive review. Could someone suggest me where am I lacking, and suggest me some tips? Or should I just wait more until I start getting order?

I have another question too. It would be really helpful if you could share the analytics of your gig before it got the first order?

I have read many threads and discussions related to gig ranking, impressions, clicks, views, etc but couldn’t find a reply that would be an answer to my question. TIA :)))

Why do you have duplicate gigs? For example, these two: |

You have three gigs all offering a “full signature branding kit”, and four offering various logo designs. I don’t understand why you need more than two gigs here - one for signature branding kits and one for logos. I suppose you could separate the logos into 1 signature and 1 minimalist gig, but any more than that is too much.

Have you just been creating, deleting, pausing and restarting gigs repeatedly? If someone has told you this is the best way to get sales, you need to stop listening to that person.

I’d also like to know if you really do speak English, Spanish, German and French at a decent level, or if “conversational” really means “Google Translate”. If you don’t actually speak these languages, then I suggest removing them from your profile. Strange to see that you’re supposedly from Pakistan, but don’t speak anything like Urdu…

To answer your first question - After you’ve sorted out your duplicate gigs, you could look into improving your grammar and general language use across your gigs and seller ‘about’ section. Something that I noticed almost immediately was that you claim to be a group of people in your about section, yet all of your gig titles are written as if you are one person. Your gig descriptions are also a mixture of the two. Other than that I can’t see anything wrong with them, you just need to be patient. You’re new to the site, almost everyone starts off slow.


Thanks for your reply @mhallvoice!

The reason I have multiple gigs for the same category is that I was told, by one of my friend who btw is a top rated seller, to keep on deleting and creating gigs until I start getting really convincing analytical statistics. So, I wait each week for each gig and if doesn’t reach 400 impressions landmark, I simply delete it. Turns out that doesn’t work. I will try to implement what you have suggested.

And yes, we are group of friends who are managing this profile. I handle the account, and they help me with the work. Since it was my idea to make a seller account, I am on the display picture (this was also suggested by the other two members) That’s why I am communicating by using ‘we’ and ‘us’ in description. As far as the gig title is concerned, I wanted to add ‘WE will do this and that …’ but I couldn’t change it from already pre-set ‘I will …’. That’s why my about section and gig titles are conflicting. Is there any way I can change that ‘I will’ into ‘WE will’?

I really appreciate you putting your time and effort in analyzing my mistakes. Will surely make the changes that you have suggested, specially the language part, lol.

And you didn’t answer my second question. Still waiting for an answer for that.

Just goes to show that seller level isn’t everything. Anyone can give stupid advice.

I was at work at the time, so wasn’t spending as long as I would have liked going through the forum. It took me ~3 days to get my first order, after which I think I had around 100 impressions in total. I’m not the best example for that though as my first two orders were clients I brought to the site. My third and fourth orders were 1 and 2 weeks after that respectively, with around 600 total impressions after the fourth.

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Alright, got it. Thanks!