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Decentralization of jobs for equilibrium? Possible?

Greetings everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and at the best of your health.

I made my Fiverr account last year but got my first order last month. The joy and excitement of that job is beyond words. I felt that (I may be wrong) there is an environment of monopoly amongst the seasoned sellers. Since their ratings/reviews/jobs processed are higher, they bag most of the share and the new seller struggles find any jobs.

I propose below 2 points:

  1. A “Decentralized” allocation system, where everyone gets a fair chance, irrespective of that sellers rating/history
  2. Or a Community/Union sort of things of sellers where the big players can chip out their excess work to new sellers. In this way there will an equilibrium

Let me know your thoughts on this. I hope everyone takes this in a positive way and give constructive suggestions.

Also, if anyone would like my help with any sort of work, I am always happy to help! My expertise is in the field of Research (be it web based/financial/market/report writing) and data crunching.



Sorry, but it would never work.

A number of new sellers have a mentality that experienced sellers are somehow unworthy of the amount of orders they receive, and that they could become just as successful, if not more-so, if they were just given a fair chance.

Everyone once started as a new seller, and being a new seller with no track record is indeed a difficult state. The thing is, success begets further success, and failure begets further failure. Momentum as a seller is a very real thing, and having successful orders with happy customers makes getting future orders ever-so-slightly easier.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Disgruntled customers, low reviews, cancelled orders, and complaints made to CS can destroy positive momentum very easily, and can send a seller on a downward spiral to oblivion. Trying to recover from such negative momentum is very hard to do, and it’s best to simply never enter such a state of affairs.

A “decentralized allocation system” to give equal promotion and visibility to any and every gig would fly against the face of a merit based system. If I were a buyer, I WOULDN’T want to have my search results scattered with poorly rated sellers with terrible response and completion rates.

An order outsourcing program would be an absolute nightmare. A seller becomes busy in the first place by the quality of their service and deliveries. If they outsourced orders to someone else, they jeopardize their own reputation and likely will receive work completed to a different standard than if they had performed it themselves.

The fact of the matter is, there is a tiny, top echelon of sellers who receive a substantial amount of orders, a much larger group of experienced, established sellers beneath them who are eagerly trying to join the top spot, and a massive number of sellers beneath them with little or no orders and reviews who are trying to carve out a presence on the platform.

Success is never guaranteed, and trying to make the platform more “fair” will still result in some sellers being successful, and many others not. No matter what, Fiverr can’t force buyers to make a purchase, or dictate to whom they should purchase from.


I feel like I’m back to USSR


Those are some powerful ideas.

Micha Kaufman would like to know your location.