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Deceptive refund policy - locked out of account for complaining

I have used fiverr about 10 times. Most jobs average 50+ and experience has been good. However, on my recent purchase, seller did not deliver by deadline. Seller agreed to cancel.

I have payed $57.75 in total and now offered $50 website credit. This is a deceptive refund policy that begs for class action lawsuit. I have never heard of a company that still charges you (partially) for something that is NOT the customer’s fault. Then have the galls to hold hostage on the rest of the money as store credit. Not to mention ANOTHER set of “fees” when I return to utilize my store credit. Wow.

I am based in Australia so my Consumer Protection is limited but if this happened in Australia, Fiverr would close within few months - I can name a few straight away who did something like this - all gone. Btw, opening a ticket with them gets you a solid “NO, take it or leave it reply”. I wish I could make a dodgy company with a fancy “Terms and Conditions” and swindle consumers without a care in the world. Nope, doesn’t work.

So I opened dispute Paypal and now my Fiverr account is immediately locked out with a threatening message. I have seen corporate greed on many levels but Fiverr takes it to a whole new experience. I usually don’t invest time and energy for meager 50 but only when the opposition is blatantly arrogant about it. If Paypal doesn’t do anything I will ring AMEX and just reverse it so my bank can fight with Paypal and then Paypal can fight Fiverr. I have done it many times so anyone readying this you can do it too. Don’t care if I get money back but I will laugh $50 worth.

Here comes the level 2 sellers to defend the hand that feeds them.

If you want to continue buying from seller, be aware that refund policy is not even a refund. It’s a ploy. You lose money as soon as your seller doesn’t deliver.


Nope - this one agrees with you. :wink:

Cancellations happen for whatever reason - certainly, if the seller is to blame, the buyer should get a full refund.

If the buyer is to blame, the seller shouldn’t be penalized.

Both of these things are happening, and I don’t understand why either. :woman_shrugging:


I am a seller, but I also agree it shouldn’t be this way.

Yes, that would be awesome if it would became a reality! :+1:

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You have option to take legal action by court, if you have been cheated by system :slight_smile:

This means - You lossed 7.75$ for using the site. I think, If you do ask to refund on your Paypal. You’ll get 57.75$ there.

This is precisely why I am not buying myself on Fiverr at the moment. Over the past two weeks, I’ve needed help cleaning up a logo, having a voice over created for a video and having several pieces of written content created.

As it is, using several different sellers will necessitate me paying several different service fees which I know won’t be refunded (in the event of a problem), even though I would be paying with my earned revenue balance already on Fiverr. In this case, I’ve DIY’d everything but the voice over and outsourced that to a seller on another platform.

Since I am a seller on Fiverr and not a buyer, it really worries me how anti-user friendly shopping on the site has become in recent months.


Looking at it from Fiverr’s point of view, it’s money for nothing when orders are cancelled.

In this case, if it hadn’t been cancelled through PayPal, $7.75 ‘profit’. I wonder how many cancellations are happening every day?

Added - a very good point BTW.

I wonder how many others are following suit?

Well, I’m not one to run around saying the sky is falling because Fiverr is falling in Alexa or whatever it is. My perspective as someone who only buys on Fiverr occasionally is… Well, basically, it’s confusing.

  • Where is the shopping cart? Every site I buy from online has a shopping cart. It’s the first thing I look for and it’s not there
  • Where is the message that the several service charges I will have to pay won’t be refunded in the event of a problem? Or the message that several service fees are even applicable? It’s fine to say, “Bad boy, you haven’t been reading the Fiverr TOS today.” - But in the real word no one does read a sites terms and conditions each and everytime they use it. That’s simply not natural shopping behavior
  • I really hate (as a buyer) not being able to enter my order details prior to finalizing paymemt. This just doesn’t feel natural

On any other site, reducing abandoned shopping carts is seen as a top priority. On Fiverr, the top priority seems to be to make things purposefully confusing for buyers. - That ain’t good… And dare I say it yes, it does feel deceptive.


Outside of Fiverr, I don’t do business with companies that use “Store Credit” as a refund. It’s utter B.S and an inconvenience, too. For one if I had a crappy experience on XYZ store credit website. Why in the world would I want to spend my money a 2nd time? Nope, the user experience is very important. I want my money back to my payment source so that I can spend it elsewhere.

OP, I understand where you’re coming from completely here.

Don’t get me started on the shopping :shopping_cart: cart issue. Every single website that I shop at online, there’s a shopping cart. Fiverr took away theirs and I’m still mystified by this decision. :hushed:

I’m fed up with the whole cancellation policy. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. As Sellers, we are penalized for issues that are out of our control. When we write CS we are told they, understand, but still, ALL cxl affects our stats. Oh, and save the rumor bit about Fiverr working on something to fix this problem. Rumors are not solving the issue, they are annoying and nothing but HOT :balloon: air.

Seeing is believing!
Actions speak louder than words!

Just my…


I am a seller, I agree, you didn’t get service, you deserve a full refund.

But if seller is not guilty ( one of my buyers asked for a job and after I took order, I understood it was a whole different job), his side should be warm too.

update: Paypal did a FULL refund on my dispute case. Now you know what to do. It does take 11 days for it to be processed. Much better than having money locked away with Fiverr doing nothing. Buyer should not pay anything for seller’s mistake was the whole crux of my argument. OK im off.

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