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Decided to start with a small goal

So I have been going crazy trying to promote my gigs on twitter, fb, g+, forums and now youtube trying to get orders and stressing out that despite all the likes and retreats I have yet to get many.

So I decided to calm myself and set a goal to get at least 1 order on 5 out of 7 of my gigs within the next month. My question is can this be accomplished with the gigs I am offering.

3 or 4 of my gigs have to deal with game design and not many people come on fiverr for game design. Yes I have been on game design forums but still nothing. I am a pretty optimistic guy and just wondering if anyone can give me a point of view from a more realistic standpoint haha.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Game design is a pretty tough sell on Fiverr. So you have any other skills that has a wider market? Maybe it could assist you with getting sales.

Have a look at the buyer request section here on Fiverr and see if there are any requests that match your gigs or part of your gigs.
Then just reply to the request with what you can do an quote your price. This is how I got my first gigs. Try to be personal and professional, let you message display that you have actually read the request and that you can perform the task.



You think maybe I should expand the 2D to outside of just game assets. Maybe just anything and everything 2D? lol

I have been and it has gotten me one of my sales :). I check it everyday and try to be professional as possible :).

Then patience is the key for us.

I got my first sale after 1 month when I joined Fiverr. Have patience,keep struggling,make multiple gigs related with other things that you can offer and you’ll start getting sales. Good Luck!