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Decided to take my talent more seriously


I’ve been ghostwriting on this site since I started on Fiverr last year and want to thank all my clients because you’re not the only one who benefitted. With each 5-star review and your glowing praise, you bolstered my confidence. I’ve decided to take my personal writing to another level. I had to turn down orders on 9 novels and I’m on vacation until I complete my novel that I am writing to be released in June. I know many people try to discourage others, thinking publishing is a tough job. It is. I’ve been there but this time, I think I’ll stick with it. I’ve my new novel, an MM romance on pre-order from last week. It’s one of my favorite genres to write. So far, I’ve 44 people who have bought the book on pre-order (and none are friends). I’m excited. I am nervous but I am determined to be in it for the long haul.

I’ll lose out on a lot of revenue as I make even more than my day job, on Fiverr but there comes a time in our lives when we may have to take risks, where money is no longer the main priority but our desires. Mine is currently to see this book go Live and then back on Fiverr to work money to promote it to death. (well not quite but you get the drift)

Anyway, wish me luck.


That sounds awesome! I’ve definitely felt similar benefits after coming onto this site. Sometimes it can be hard to think your writing has value when you’re the only one poring over it.

How are you publishing it?


I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route mainly out of impatience and not wanting a publisher and their editor to change a single thing in this story to suit their agenda.


True, self-publishing is the new route to go now. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be able to reach an even wider audience!

I wish you the best of luck! (Maybe someday I’ll actually hunker down to complete and edit a long-term project of my own as well…)