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Deciding Not to Work with Someone


I received an inquiry from a potential customer who has a bunch of questions and trying to negotiate on the price. That’s understandable. If you’re spending money, you want to get the best deal possible and know what you’re getting. However, this person doesn’t seem to want to come to an agreement on a price or what he wants me to do in terms of tutoring him or looking over his work. We keep going back and forth, and I get an instinct that this isn’t someone I want to work with since this has gone on too long. This person gets irritated when I don’t respond to them immediately, but then will take a long time to get back to me in some cases, which I don’t mind. Is there a way to politely turn someone down after this amount of conversation? It’s an instinct telling me to move on, but I don’t want to be unprofessional. I don’t want to make this person mad and get a bad review, but I no longer have any desire to try to work with this person, as isn’t going to be worth the trouble.


I usually send them my proposal and my timeframe when I’m available. In my proposal, I also explain how often I communicate. If they don’t agree with the proposal then they are free to look elsewhere.

If they go on and on about their requirements then I simply say that I have a tight schedule so if they wish to hire me then let me know by X date and if not then I will book that time for someone else.

Since you’ve already made up your mind you can simply say that you’ve already filled your schedule and that’s it. They should have accepted your offer when you made it. Next time they know better.

PS. In some cases, I also refer to my consultation gig. They can book 1h of my time to discuss their project.


Thanks for the help.