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Declaring income in EU

Hi everybody, I am new here and just delivered successfully my first 2 orders, yeaaah! I need to declare the income at the end of the month, and normally I would create invoices for the individual clients who hired me like I do on Upwork, since they also get invoice copies from Upwork with all my company details and EU VAT ID on it. But here on fiverr all I see as a seller is my delivered order and a nickname of the client. I also bought services from another freelancer here and got an invoice where the supplier/seller was clearly fiverr and not the person I hired.

To cut it short, for income declaration purposes, who is the client? Is fiverr declaring to their tax authority the amount that they have paid to me, or does the individual buyer do?

I declared [Austria] Fiverr as my Client.

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Fiverr is your client. The end users are the clients of Fiverr, and from a financial perspective, nothing to do with you. You’re providing your services to Fiverr, for which Fiverr are paying you a commission (80% of the order value).

Our UK rules regarding the reporting of this may well be different to your’s - but Fiverr is based in Tel Aviv, which is considered ‘outside the scope’ of UK VAT laws, so I’m not expected to recover VAT from Fiverr. Which keeps things nice and simple for reporting!

Of course, you should absolutely double check with an accountant in your own country, but hopefully this information helps.


Thank you, that is exactly what fiverr support told me too so indeed I issue VAT free invoices to fiverr directly.

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