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Decline in Work since December 2015 - Improvement required?

Although not a top level seller I have had a reasonable steady workflow since joining in August 2015, but since December 2015 I have had virtually no work at all and no views. I noted that the voiceover requests which I view regularly are also in decline for female voiceover artists. I wonder do I need to change my gig approach and perhaps add packages? or change my gigs. I would really welcome feedback and wonder has anyone else found this issue a problem. Also for some reason my response time has gone to 4 hours even though I always respond to any messages urgently within the hour most of the time. Any help or feedback on my gigs/portfolio most welcome or hints or tips that would improve my prospects.

I have heard even some top rated sellers complaining about decline in sales. On my part, i am also experiencing a decline in sales. Yes, you can consider adding more packages to try out if it will work. On my part, i want to use social media channels more than i was using them…You can try that too

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will will try and add some more packages as you suggested. I am going to use social media channels more too and I suggest forums relevant to your work as well as a possible outlet for promotion. Good luck with your gigs.

my opinion and this is just an opinion. I’ve been on Fiverr for a while but only started selling recently… and been doing work for about a month… in consistent matter. Fiverr is a great market but over saturated and everyday you have new people joining in and adding to the existing pool of gigs (a lot of new gigs from new sellers get bumped up the search results) personally I’m not ungrateful for that because it gives the ability to get noticed but after that its up to us the sellers to continue the trend. In my case I try to self promote myself both on this forums or any channels… Keep rolling fresh gigs to get noticed in “new” section and diversify my ability as much as possible to constantly remain relevant and not let myself saturate. I also visit Buyers Request and offer my services and it has landed me a bit of work. I think the problems sellers experience in my opinion is that you start out with a nice wind in your sail and expect the air to happen continuously and when it ceases the sellers find themselves at a loss because yesterday it was blowing and today its dryer then a desert on mars. The sellers then fall into a pit of confusion and uncertainty, because up to this point the world was spinning until it stopped. hehe I’m very creative with my metaphors! Point is… to be able to take out the rows and start rowing the boat yourself and if the wind tends to come by again then its a double bonus! A change up never hurts and some fresh gigs can land near the top again and once again my opinion fiverrs algorithm might be partially based on fresh gigs they tend to show up closer to the top as older once tend to sink to lower shelf over time.

I’m at a loss as well. I had been getting more work than I could handle for about six months straight – up until the beginning of this week. Since Sunday, I’ve averaged about 1-2 small orders a day. I haven’t changed my prices since November, so something’s definitely up. Tax season, possibly?

HI Thanks for your comments, I think I need to start promoting myself more - what channels do you use? i think I will take your advice on freshening up my gigs and adding some new ones. Really appreciate your advice and it was nice of you to take the time to respond. Good luck with your fiverr jouirney and hope you get to level 2 very soon.

Thanks so much. Initially I used social networking, and I also used SEO and things like that, in all honesty. With social networking you see an initial spike and then it ploops down so its not very stable, the best is to gain organic traffic. I have multiple gigs and the gigs are like windows when someone clicks on your gig you can entice them to check more out… So I have my gigs that bring in the crowed and sometimes end up asking for custom work or sometimes end up getting one of my other gigs… It also measures the level of visibility… When I started i was like scraping the bottom 1 or 2 views per day once I get a bit of a boost… I was averaging 15 views per day sometimes less… and then when it started to move. I’m averaging 50 views per day now and only 3 of my gigs are getting me that views… so the rest of the gigs I know are preforming poorly. Using all of all that I am able to assess the “health” status of my work… Are people seeing me? are they interesting in what I’m offering? Why aren’t this gigs getting results so it all ends up into better adjusting the business model and improving performance. You can target few different niches that require voice over. For example… In one of my gigs… I offer a review service and also pegged my video typography services and that ended up in getting my a sale for the video… I had a client ordered the review and then asked about the video, I explained and he wanted to do the video too… So combing services… Whatever it takes to grow your business. I mean its nice when there is wind to the sails, but it also takes being proactive and that protectiveness is what results in continuous performance. Once I finish the 2 custom jobs I’m working on. I’m adding 3 more gigs and then later removing older once, and then adding more.

If things are going bad than you clearly have to change something otherwise you will still be getting the same result.

I would start with packages, maybe tweak the description a bit and send out offers.

P.S. I have seen a decline in sales as well.