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Decline in Work since December 2015

Although not a top level seller I have had a reasonable steady workflow since joining in August 2015, but since December 2015 I have had virtually no work at all and no views. I noted that the voiceover requests which I view regularly are also in decline for female voiceover artists. I wonder do I need to change my gig approach and perhaps add packages? or change my gigs. I would really welcome feedback and wonder has anyone else found this issue a problem. Also for some reason my response time has gone to 4 hours even though I always respond to any messages urgently within the hour most of the time. Any help or feedback on my gigs/portfolio most welcome or hints or tips that would improve my prospects.

I have answered (your same post on improve my gigs section

Thanks very much for commenting. I will have a look at your article now and would welcome your feedback on my gigs.