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Decline order button


In my gig “Write C Sharp program” ( I clearly say “no WPF or” and buyers are requested to contact me BEFORE placing an order, so we can discuss details (am I able to develop this software? What do buyer really need? How many gigs are needed?).

But increasingly often happens that buyers directly place orders without contacting me and, naturally, needing websites or other software written in other languages too!!

Now, I’m not “empty” on websites, but for sure I’m not a professional so I’d like to avoid developing because result cannot be as good as I’m used to provide to customers; but if a buyer place an order like this, what should I do?

  • Asking the buyer for mutual cancellation (but this could be bad for reputation)?
  • Ask Fiverr support?

    Shouldn’t it be better to have a “Decline order” button?


Hmm that sounds like a good idea, but there could be some bad side effects with that.


I think the decline button would be fantastic, just sometimes you can not deliver such an order, and the buyer usually tries to get more than what you’re offering… order becomes too much, and before you know it, the gig duration is almost up and you have 5 more orders you need to complete.


I would love a decline order button. I write articles and fiverr allows up to 8 units to be purchased per order. I have had buyers order 3 orders of 8 units at once, which I can’t do in the time frame they want. Most of the time these orders are placed without talking to me first. I can’t cancel them, because I risk my rating. “Decline order” would work a lot better.

Also, today for the very first time I had a customer reject an order claiming it wasn’t original. I know it was original, because I wrote it myself. They wanted a complete re-write of the entire gig (which was 2 units). I think they just wanted additional articles, but I didn’t have the option of telling them no. Honestly, I would have rather just have hit a “decline order” button and lost the sale all together than re-write an order to effectively double the buyers purchase on something I knew wasn’t copied. The worst part is that this person went ahead and ordered $80 worth of gigs from me, and I don’t have time to do multiples of all their pending orders.


A great idea! I like it. Very useful when I get orders from previously super fussy buyers! [-X


Reply to @itsamberduh: I’ve had a buyer once try telling me that the content wasn’t original so I put the content through a plagiarism detector and printscreened the results for them. They didn’t argue then.

While mutual cancellation can harm your levels, it’s worth that risk instead of getting stressed and working hours because a buyer has ordered so much. I have a note to contact me to order more than a certain number and if buyers don’t follow it and I really can’t do the amount of work, I go through the mutual cancellation process - that doesn’t harm your rating just possibly levels.


Reply to @aingham69:

It sucks if it does harm your levels, I’ve never been clear on whether it does or not, so try and use it as least as possible.

That said, sometimes it just needs to be done. Sometimes because the buyer has completely ignored any instructions or requirement before ordering and just went ahead. I’ve also had to use it a few times when the buyer just puts “Will send info soon” and the countdown starts, but they don’t enter the info or decided they didn’t need the gig an hour or so after ordering.


Reply to @scrapebox_: According to the TOS it affects them but considering Level 1 and 2 is determined by a computer algorithm, I’m struggling to see how. I often ask CS to help with cancelling orders and make sure they know the reason. I also make sure there’s plenty of information as to why I’m cancelling when I do a mutual cancellation - both for the buyer and for the CS to see.


Reply to @aingham69:

Thanks. Yeah, I have read it before, but for some reason had it in my head that it was only forced cancel that effects you level.

Anyway, I do the same as you in terms of being specific and providing lots of information as to why I want to cancel the gig. Then if I ever did lose my level because of it, I guess I’d have a case to take to customer service.


Great idea! In the description in my gig it says specifically for the buyer to message me first but some of them don’t and I have to cancel the gig.


Reply to @ominous: I recently had a buyer send me a stream of demanding messages requesting a LOT of extra work outside the terms of the gig. I knew the order was going to be trouble the moment I saw their name, so a ‘decline’ button would have been great in that instance.


Same with me, I am fixing wordpress issues , but once in a while someone is just buying without messaging me, decline button would be more than great!

perhaps decline button just for some gig categories??


Better to go for mutual cancellation option? That has no impact on your profile repute. However increasing ratio in cancellation even it is mutual, can hurt your profile badly. Having a decline button may not be a good idea when we have mutual cancellation option there.


I think this is a great idea. And another option to this would also be to have some sort of sistem that allows sellers to set a maximum cuota of orders that can be in queue. Once the set amount is reached, the gig gets paused automatically, but it doesnt get taken of the search results.


Reply to @startselect: Sounds good. In the past when I’ve been swamped, I generally just increase delivery time temporarily, instead of pausing the gig.


Reply to @startselect: nice tip!!


Its a great idea! I get tons of guys that order from me and want me to say inappropriate things! They dont message me, they just ORDER. Im not going to do the gig so what else left to do?? Well i cancel the order mutually! But yea fiverr should either make mutual cancellations OK or put a decline order button!


Reply to @scrapebox_: Yes, I agree with @scrapebox_. Who wants to have lower levels when you worked so hard on Fiverr to achieve the level that you are on?


Reply to @startselect: Yes, great idea. I have one gig that had something like 7 orders in the queue and I just had no choice, but to suspend the gig until I go to a level where I could accept order again. That would be awesome.


Reply to @scrapebox_: I just think it is such a dumb idea that if a seller cancels an order, their level is lowered. I cannot understand why one has anything to do with the other. If a seller does not want to accept an order because of an unrealistic expectation of the buyer, the seller should be allowed to cancel the order. Yes, I understand that the customer is always right, but if you are not selling a specific feature, you cannot be expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Whether or not this is a professional opinion is one thing, but it should not ruin your level. A decline button would solve all that.

I have a customer right now who loves my work on Fiverr, but that is because I am over-delivering and am afraid to ask for additional Fiverr orders since she could give me a negative feedback. She gives me excellent feedback and tells me to charge her for more gigs and she is an excellent customer, but it has caused me to take this gig down in fear of experiencing this issue with other future buyers who may not be as understanding as she it.