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Decline order cancelation


Hello all. One client cancel his order because he decided to stop his website. Now i have to accept the cancel or decline it. What happens in both cases?


A customer didn't pay for my work

Oh no, that is not good. :expressionless::persevere:
In this case, seller means you have to suffer because of buyer negligence and stupidity.
If you accept the cancellation, The order will be canceled and your order completion rate will decrease and cancellation rate will increase which affects a seller profile on a daily basis.

If you decline the cancellation, The order maybe still can get canceled because the buyer can again send you the cancellation request or can directly go to CS in order to cancel the order.
the buyer will mark the order as completed and can leave you the bad star rating which would still affect the seller profile. You can also leave a rating on a buyers experience.
If this happens, you can contact CS, and they can remove the feedback if they find the feedback as not honest feedback. But there is no guarantee that they will remove the feedback.



So in any case this is really bad


She asked me to send her an invoice for all the work i have done so far. Can i just change to price of my custom offer? In this case she wants to pay me


Well, I don’t know what are your services cost and how do you calculate the pricing. It’s totally on you. If the customer is saying that they are ready to pay whatever work you’ve done so far. Go for it.
But keep in mind that you cannot ask for 5 star ratings because it violates the terms of Fiverr.


Do you know how i can change the offer ? I need to avoid the cancel


Do you want your buyer to pay less than the amount the current order is for (but still >=$5)? If so I don’t think it’s possible without cancelling and then creating a new offer / the buyer creating new order.

You might be able to change what the order is for with the resolution center if the buyer agrees to the changes, but not to reduce the price I think.


You cannot change the pricing of an active order. You have to cancel and then send a new offer. That’s the only way. :sweat::neutral_face:


Thats so bad. And it was not even my fault she cancel it. She jist decided in two hours from the order that she is closing her website.


Yes I understand. I suggest you to contact CS, maybe if they want… This order cancellation will not effect your account. I advise you to contact them. :blush:


My oder complete went from 100 to 75%. How bad is that? My client was extremelly rude. I feel sorry for this. I hope my profile wont affect very much.


Well, it all depends on how you face this and if you were near to Level 1 promotion.

I see you have no level in which case, unless you were looking for promotion this 14th, nothing will happen.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with cancellations.

Edit to add: If you were looking for Level 1 promotion this 14th, that won’t happen and you’ll need to wait 60 days for it. You’ll also need to bring up your OCR and maintain all stats within Fiverr’s parameters - no less than 90% for OCR, RR & OTD, and no less than 4.7 Rating.


Use the Resolution Centre to change your price. The buyer will have to approve it.

The only thing is that you can only increase your price. You can’t lower it.

Maybe there’s another project you can do for the buyer instead?


I cancelled the order. The client was the kind of person that couldt really solve a problem with. Anyway. This thing would happen someday i guess. Now i am lower in search results because of this?



Hi, it’s bad to hear that, but this really happens when buyer want to cancel, there is no way to go. so we need to cancel and go on with the future, this happens to me every month but i am still able to take orders because of my patience and hard work, please keep going, this is business and this happens to every one.
note: Cancellation is better than bad rating.


that is not good. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Thanks. I feel better now! I hope have orders soon so i can fix this.


Wish you very good luck :slight_smile:


be careful before accepting order, also clear all requirement of buyer and than start work. you know it really save your lots of time, cost and all.


Don’t cancel the order. As long as she wants to pay you then make a delivery of the work you have done so far.

You guys are too quick to cancel.

Don’t change the offer. You agreed to do work for a certain price and did it and you should keep the original offer along with the payment for that. Delivery what you did for her.