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Decline order cancelation


I asked her 10 dollars for the work so far and her answer was “i wish i never contacted you”. She was way too rude. I had no other option


Are you kidding, only ten dollars?! Tell her:

I’m sorry but you have agreed to pay only $10 for the work I did and I expect to be paid $10 after doing the work. So no I can’t cancel this.

Then stop talking to her completely. Too bad for her if she regrets it. It’s too late.

The is just unbelievable the way you allowed yourself to be taken advantage of.


You guys really need to learn this big lesson about business:

DON’T GIVE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON if you did the job! Demand payment. Refuse to give a refund, refuse to give a partial refund, no matter what they say.

Ten dollars is such a tiny amount to give back too. It’s very very sad.


You was in front of the door of level one badge. Maybe you have to wait for next Evaluation. :frowning: :frowning:


You didn’t have to give a refund.

Also the word is O R D E R not oder.


Ya I do it with another market place client.

I think this words not for Fiverr buyer. Because Fiverr is only one market place. If buyer contact with CS, without any warning they cancel the order and refund the buyer.


If a buyer asks for a refund you should contact CS yourself first. Send screenshots of the work you did to them. Tell them you don’t want to cancel because you did the work as requested.

I know some of you are new sellers and are afraid of getting bad reviews so I understand if that is the reason you are fast to cancel an order but in general, don’t do it.


Ya I don’t like to do. If I’m right I like dispute. :slight_smile:


I cancelled the order. Then i created a new offer for the job i already did but she never accepted it. I dont know what to do. I hate that this will affect my profile because i did nothing wrong.


Can i report her for that?


No, you can’t report her.

I think all sellers share your frustration. It’s unfortunate that unenlightened buyers can damage a seller’s stats like this.

The good news is the damage isn’t permanent. The more orders you complete, the higher your completion percentage will rise. In 60 days, this particular incident will be wiped from your profile completely. It shouldn’t even affect your Gig ranking too much (if at all). Cancellations are inevitable on a site like this, so I don’t think Fiverr will hold one against you.

I hope you’re able to bounce back quickly, Mariasereti. Try not to get too down.


No she did nothing wrong. Unfortunately you can’t save this order. Just remember next time you do the job for someone and then they are rude, ask for a cancellations or in some other way try to cheat you politely say no you did the job and won’t cancel, unless you are afraid of a bad review.


So in 60 days my completion percentage will be 100% again automatically?


What happens if someone dont accept the order cancellation?


In the Analytics section, you’ll see stats are measured over a 60-day period. After 60 days, this incident will no longer count towards promotions/demotions. Assuming you complete all other orders between now and then, you’ll be back at 100% again, yes.


So lets hope this wont affect my search results and the number of orders i got.


I told her politely that i did some work and since she cancelled the order the right thing is to accept my offer. But she put me on spam and i cant send her messages anymore. God!


Then after three days the order completes and you get your earnings. If they continue to use the cancellation button you can again refuse to accept it. It can happen over and over until the order finally completes.


She got her money back so why would she want to pay you again?


She never took any money back. She just cancelled the order and told me to send her the price for what i have done so far