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Decline order cancelation


Thanks for sharing your idea.


So what is less damage? To have one cancellation or a bad review on your profile?


This! If you got a bad review, it can go down pretty quickly if you complete 3-4 orders with 5 stars. :grinning:


Yes but it is always on your profile. Right?


Yes! Correct. Always…


But i believe that one cancellation after some orders goes away


But it will effect your account for next 60 days. So, whether do this or that… lol. Nothing is in our hands. :rofl:


My order complete percentage went from 100% to 75 %. Can this be so bad? Is it affect my search results?


No, It is not too bad and doesn’t worry, once you complete more orders, the OCR will increase. Just be patient and positive and give your best. We all have faced this senario before.


Then she got her money back if she cancelled the order.


Yes of course i always give my best!


I will be patient and hope i will come back quickly


This buyer is unbelievable:

I don’t need this anymore, therefore you shouldn’t be compensated for your time, resources and expertise.

So what if you don’t need it anymore. If someone does the work, you pay them.

UGH what a terrible buyer.


Well consider it a big important lesson in how to stand up for yourself and be very firm and confident when dealing with this kind of person.


Yes exactly. Thanks! I am really sad this happened since i am really polite and willing to help every one who needs my help


Hi Maria,

It depends on how many orders and reviews you have, as well as your current level.

For unleveled sellers with not many reviews or orders, its ususally better to cancel than to get a bad review as the amount of good reviews is not enough to compensate for the bad one, and your rating will drop almost instantly, getting you in a very hard position as, if your rating drops below 4.7, you won’t be able to get access to BR.

On the other hand, although cancellation also strongly affects new sellers for the same reason (low amount of orders), it is not only easier to overcome the drop but won’t affect your level (demotion) as unleveled sellers have none.


Not at all. Fiverr actually rolled out this system with cancellation ratio because of sellers that are cancelling orders just to avoid bad rating. (It was too many of them and buyers felt really cheated. All they can see are 5 star reviews but the work they receive is a low quality and they felt that those reviews wasn’t truethful anymore. So fiverr decided to take this measures to avoid cancellations from sellers that want to avoid bad rating)

For me, I’d rather to take a bad but honest rating every once in a while than cancelling an order and risking to loose my level badge. (There are always clients that you just can’t find the common grounds and that’s absolutely fine as long as all other orders are provided with a great service)

If you have to cancel orders to maintain a good rating then there is definitely something wrong with a quality of service you are providing.


I think you missed the context of this post, the buyer is stubborn & you know bad rating is on the way, then the only way is to cancel.


No I didn’t miss anything.
She did the work, she should be paid for that, doesn’t matter how stubborn client is.
Customer suddenly changed her mind when some of the work was already done. And even if they leave a bad review she can always comment under it and explain the situation


Hi @mariashtelle1

This is the difference between new or unleved sellers with little amount of orders & reviews, and leveled ones.

Cancellations were really made to punish leveled sellers and it is, in fact, a punishment. The more amount of orders a seller has in a given period of time, the harder it will be to rise the order completion rate.

Take a look at what I wrote about this on another topic, it may be helpful and easier to understand. Although the thread was about response rate, it derived to order completion rate. Excuse me for quoting myself :arrow_down:

On the other hand, leveled sellers have enough reviews to hold the bad ones meaning, that those bad reviews they would eventually get, won’t impact their rating as much, doing less harm than cancellations. As rating is an overall time rating, the more reviews you already have, the more bad ones you will need to lower that parameter.

Sadly, no matter how you look at it, for new/unleved sellers with little reviews and orders, is better to take the shot of canceling.