Declined as a client because of 4 stars instead of 5!



Declined as a client because of 4 stars instead of 5 !!!


Hello everyone,

I hired a designer for a portrait there a few days.

I received my order as expected.

I write a comment “Thanks” and I click 4 stars and not 5 because I consider the remarks copyright are not very clear.

In fact he says he has a right to these portraits. If the customer wants to use it in commercial, he must pay $ 100 but if he publishes it must pay interests. So it’s feel confused because it is not precise between commercial and publishing are the same.

And there are no details of how? How much interest? etc …

So for the first work I put 4 stars it seems to me that good!

So with my 4 stars he sent me a message that it is not enough that I had to put it 5 stars. For his businee is in danger.

I order again 2 portraits and he refuses to let me again portraits.

He canceled the 2 commands.

Can I have your opinion please?

I wrote a message to Fiverr.


Reply to @kay2809: I just reached the 2,000 mark of unrated buyers which is about 1/3 of buyers… lol! #CmonMan


Even the 99% tag hurt me quite much before.

Buyers don’t realize how much their review can help.

In your case, you didn’t rate him for the work he/she delivered but for something that you didn’t understand. And it is clear that you liked the work and you ordered again.

A little talk with the seller helps in resolving the problems.

And to the other buyers reading this, please contact the seller before leaving a lower rating to get your issues resolved.

And remember to leave a good review to help the seller grow. Some sellers are working here as full time and every single review is helpful.

I have 100+ unrated orders for which buyers didn’t bother to rate even after explicit requests.


If you would of bought my gig and had a concern, I would ask myself…How Come the buyer did not just ask me for a clarification. I think your lack of effort before rating his work speaks more about you than it does the seller.

If you are this lazy to write a message asking for clarification, I would consider you a risk also.


I agree with @fonthaunt, @dtongsports, @dukanu @madmoo and others on this. 4 out of 5 stars means that I could have done a better job. Also, I have had one single 4 star review drop my rating from 100% to 98%, which is a huge psychological difference to potential buyers.

I feel that if you are going to rate me 4 out of 5, you should let me know in advance what I can do to earn that last star. Give the buyer a chance to provide 5 star service by being verbal about what you expect.


Reply to @cyril83: Do you rely on whether someone gives you 4 stars or 5 stars to feed your family or get medical care or pay for a place to live? Many sellers do. I’m not saying you should give someone 5 stars if they did a horrible job and they refuse to work with you. But between 4 and 5 - really? It IS your right to decide how many silly stars you want to put on a service, but if you ever need just a little boost from someone who is deciding something that is so small to them, may you get what you gave.

Edited to say: This predicament is due to the 5 star rating system and the insistence that sellers are not good enough if they are not perfect. I understand that many great sellers have 99% ratings and do OK and that’s fine. When you do a decent job, though, and you have a 94% rating (still an “A” in academic systems) and you are suddenly a leper, something is wrong.


In this case he has to explain it because buyers do not know.

Many buyers are watching the stars but ausis the work done already.

Anyway 4 or 5 stars, for me, it is not honest. It’s like that.


My question is if you were so confused on the first order and had such a complaint on how his service works, why did you order again?? Twice??

I think you dug your own grave in this one, but it also sounds like the seller is being manipulative and sketchy. Hard call, let Fiverr handle it.


Although I don’t necessarily agree, he is well within his rights to refuse your order.

Also, if you didn’t like the service (for whatever reason), I wouldn’t advise going back!


Reply to @deanstokes:

I liked its services except that I put 4 stars.

4 stars is fine right?

Why he has the right to refuse a client because of it?

You find it normal to you?


The problem with people is that think that they can be able to afford because they create a good job.

4 star that’s fine. A seller must be put in the place of the buyer. And this is not the case. Moreover it is not he who creates his portraits. It is just the seller on the site Fiverr.


4 stars is not fine. If a seller gets a few 4 stars in a row, it will deter potential buyers from wanting to purchase. You say the seller should be put in the buyers place? Okay, so if I’m a buyer, and this guy is sketchy, I’m either getting a refund or never coming back…as a buyer.

Don’t play the victim when you keep putting yourself in the way of chaos. IMO


I can understand you and also the seller. Even I feel sometimes I deserve 4 stars for my work because I was not 100% into the project or I was limited by the project. But I can not accept that.

This is happend just because Fiverr rating system. There are too many services who is almost impossible to get 4 star rating like voiceovers, testimonials, seo or any video/graphic template gigs, etc. where seller know 100% what he will get before the order process.

So that way makes all of us to accept just 5 star rating to not look like a bad seller or poor service. Rating system is not fair for all of us so is not relevant but it makes sales hurt.

I hope that make sense for you guys. Btw, is just my point of view.


Reply to @dtongsports:

Wow! Insane statistic.


i just have a few reviews of my previous orders, gratefully i’ve received always 5 stars even when my work isn’t what the buyers want, but it just a matter of sending a message and clarify where is the error and get it done, then you deliver it again and thats it :slight_smile:


Good conversation on the process of rating someones service and the quality of work they provide. I agree with the person who feels 4 stars is adequate. To simply assume that you are either providing “poor” service (1 or 2 stars) or that you provide the very best exceptional service, with no room for improvement (5 stars), is ridiculous. I do not provide service on Fiverr, however, I run a million dollar business that is critiqued by other online sites (such as Trip Advisor), and for me to assume we will get nothing but five stars is unrealistic. I believe the same to be true on Fiverr. Sellers need to adjust their expectations of the rating system, and buyers need to realize that there is some exceptional 4 star service out there. I agree with @kay2809, “A little talk with the seller, can resolve a world of issues”.


Reply to @chanforesman: The problem is that fiverr initially started with a simple thumbs up/thumbs down system. The “benchmark” was set by this; every seller had a 100% rating unless they consistently received “thumbs down” reviews. Tripadvisor began with a 5 star system from the offset, meaning the benchmark was (and still is) understandably lower.

On Tripadvisor, I’d deem anything 3.5 stars or above to be perfectly OK. I’ve stayed in some beautiful places rated 3/4 stars on Tripadvisor.

However, on fiverr, if my overall rating was 3.5 stars (70%), I wouldn’t ever receive another order, such is the mentality.


@chanforesman I agree with @mrproofreading and this is why I wrote what I did above. To quote myself:

fonthaunt said: When you do a decent job, though, and you have a 94% rating (still an "A" in academic systems) and you are suddenly a leper, something is wrong

On Fiverr there is an expectation that isn't the norm and isn't anything like the 5 star systems used by most rating systems. I think 4 stars should actually be a very good rating. That is unfortunately not how it is perceived here and some good sellers have gone out of business for that very reason.


Personally I wish Fiverr would make the reviews anonymous so that we can give honest feedback. Hard as a buyer to leave an honest review when the seller could retaliate against our company/us as individuals when they see our reviews.

Had a top rated seller go ballistic when I gave him a 2 star review after calling him out for not delivering even close to what he “promises” in his gigs.


Reply to @dtongsports: Wow, mine is like 1/5 of the total buyers. sits in a corner quietly.