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Declined Job requests


I just posted a request for bids. You decline the post and reply with an email indicating that the issue with the post could be a number of different items. You then expect me to screen my post for these issues. If my job post failed for a specific reason tell me the reason. If you want me to post this with you then tell me specifically what I need to fix. Obviously there was a specific reason so state the specific reason.

Your generic response does not make me feel like a valued customer and makes me want to post this project elsewhere.

Here is the generic email.

Unfortunately, your Gig request “Looking for a simple word press site:…” did not pass our review due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

It was misleading/unclear
It contains contact information (i.e. Skype, email, phone #), or your site/social media url
It contains payment information
It contains a request for services that are not allowed on Fiverr (i.e. Bitcoin services, paid Wordpress themes, licensed software, etc.)
You submitted your request to multiple categories. You should select the most suitable category and subcategory, and then submit only one request
Repeating these violations can result in your account being restricted.


Fiverr staff is not on the forum. To contact them and voice your concerns, you would need to open a ticket. If you want user-to-user assistance on what might have caused the rejection, you could post the wording of your buyer request in full on the forum and someone might be able to give you suggestions. Of course, it’s fine to try elsewhere as well.

Fiverr has a good ticket system that works and the people who answer tickets usually get back with you in a day. It might be two if it’s a high volume day. They do answer tickets, though. There is a post pinned in the top few in this Fiverr FAQ category called How to Submit a Support Ticket with step-by-step instructions.

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I’m pretty sure Requests are filtered automatically, either using heuristics or just based on specific words, which is why they can’t give you a specific answer. Considering all the… uh… refuse that ends up in the Requests section, it’s kind of hilarious to see honest offers being denied.


Thanks for the feedback. I have hunted through all of the support methods. Started 3 tickets only to find out each type had drop downs that excluded me. They make it painful to be a customer.


You know that there are millions of requests a day, and it is humanly impossible to read them by human, so Fiverr uses automated system to assess, and systems make mistakes, they put automated message with all possible reasons for rejection, try to modify or even make a new request, all this is put in place to protect customers and freelancers from possible fraud and believe me there are many fraudulent people here, and you would thank Fiverr for putting such restrictions if you only knew the amount of rubbish found her.

I wish you all the best, and patience is good, try to communicate with CS and I am sure they will be more than happy to help.

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