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Declining a Dispute


What if a buyer creates a dispute and the seller declines it? Can anyone tell me what happens, or what happened to them personally?


If you decline the dispute, the buyer may just leave you a review of their choosing. They could also try and create a dispute again. If they do, you can decline it again. This process could go on for a long time depending on how many times you and the buyer decide to go back and forth.

Some buyers will go to Support and complain. It really depends on the circumstances what Support would do. In some cases they will tell the buyer that it will have to be worked out with the seller and in other cases Support will cancel the order and refund the buyer. If the order is canceled by anyone, the buyer cannot leave a review.


And there it stops… The CS will cancel the order no matter what.


This is not correct. There are many times they refuse to cancel it, for instance if it was because the buyer didn’t like what they got. That is not a good reason for them to cancel and they will not.


Thanks all for your insights.


How sellers can avoid their bad review while buyer wants to cancel the order?


This is a myth perpetuated by people who are parroting or people who behave unprofessionally. Support does lean toward buyers (just like Amazon) because it’s good business. They don’t do knee-jerk cancellations in every case, though, as misscrystal pointed out.


Very true. If CS sided with buyers 100% of the time, there would be few sellers left to do anything, because we would have all quit the platform a long time ago.

We’re human (except for discobot), we’re biased (not even discobot can overcome that), and it’s easy to overlook the cases where CS is in fact helpful, personal and/or supports the seller.

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