Declining Mutual Cancellations


I am getting to the point where I am declining mutual cancellations. Anybody see anything ethically wrong with that? I mean, my gig length is 20 days delivery, but people insist on 5, and when I am not quick enough they mutually cancel. Am I in the right? 0_o


I’ve had a buyer before state that they didn’t see the delivery time and needed it quicker or may have to cancel. I ended up leaving it up to them but stated that my delivery times are clear upfront - in the end they didn’t cancel but I did manage to get to it a little sooner. Now, if the buyer messaged me before and I agreed to doing it quicker then cancelling because they expect it earlier than the delivery times isn’t right.

I only have 8 days but if someone was cancelling after a couple of days because they wanted it done by then after knowing my delivery times, I’d consider declining the mutual cancellation. I’ve never had that happen though and most who have wanted it fast have ordered the extra fast option.


I think it depends on their reasoning. From the sounds of it, I wouldn’t say it was wrong for your reason. Now, if you’d already agreed in a message before the buyer ordered that you would do it quicker (for whatever the reason), then I’d say its ethically wrong…unless you were just about the deliver the work.


I’d cancel if somebody ordered a gig accidentally and wanted to re-order. However, the time to complete a gig is stated upfront, and obviously if I somebody wanted me to complete it ‘fast’ they should have bought the gig extra :frowning:


This is a good point. I am going on vacation next month and have been thinking of increasing my lead time, BUT if the buyer activates a Mutual Cancellation and I am not around to decline it, then the system will automatically cancel it. This will bring up my cancellations and I could have a terrible mess when I get back. I think Suspending may be the only safe alternative.


Do you offer a express order option? If you do, and they want it faster then just direct them to this and say your delivery time is clearly stated. If they just cancel because they want it faster but said nothing to you upfront, then I would decline too, its not your fault they didn’t read the times really. Maybe make it clear in your discription if you need too


Totally agree with oldbittygrandma here (really excited about the video your doing for me) …people may want to cancel an order for all kinds of reasons and in the end it’s their choice…

If you’v already started working on the order and have spent at least a little time preparing for it specifically or researching or whatever then I would possible think about not cancelling the order. I havent done that yet but if it gives an option to give a message then maybe write something like “I have already started on your work and put time into it, to make it fair for us both do you mind if I carry on this work and deliver” and act on their response from that.

Otherwise if someone wants to cancel an order then it’s less pressure on you anyway, just take a break and know that not all buyers are like that and there are many out there that will wait.


Whether you are a top rated seller or not, remember it is the Buyers that keep you as a Seller. They are the KING no matter what. Always strive to satisfy them. Yes pamper them and you will for sure reap the benefits.

Too much order cancellation can at anytime make Fiverr Big Robot to Remove your Level Badge remember!!


Reply to @janeedward: hahaha, ‘Fiverr Big Robot’ :smiley:


Havent been here long enough to encounter much of this but one customer was nasty and support fixed it so I don’t know what to say!


@mrspanda: yes going by the millions of people and activities running on Fiverr, a BIG ROBOT is mandatory for Fiverr to own to monitor all these operations occurring in NANO-SECOND.

What next?

Fiverr needs Space-Robot now!!

That will be ‘superlicious’!


Yea, cancelling an order serves no one good. try as a seller to explain why you do not think the gig should be cancelled. make the buyer see reasons to keep the order,then deliver as soon as possible.


Tell them to buy extra to do it fast… Maybe they didn’t notice it