Decrease Cancellations


Is there any way I can make people contact me before placing the order? Because most of the time people don’t even read the description carefully and just make the order that I cant do properly.


Not really.

Fiverr is not set up in a way that makes it so that can be a requirement. You’ll just have to deal with those who don’t read the descriptions.


The best you can do is to try to make your gig description as simple as possible, and to explain exactly what it is that you offer (and don’t offer).

I’ve checked out two of your gigs, and it looks like you’re offering (among other things) followers and likes, and that is strictly forbidden (as in, you could get reported and banned from Fiverr for that).


Yes following what “catwriter” quoted is the best solution for this issue.

Also you can mention at last on your description as “If there is any clarifications pls feel free to contact me”.

But you can not say contact me before placing order