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Decrease Impression,Click,Sell after ToS warning


I got warning from Fiverr about 26 Days ago. I edit my Fiverr gigs and improve the Gigs. I don’t know why but my all gigs had lost ranking and I am getting very low impression. Even sometime i get no impression.My gigs are well optimized.
What can be the reason of these low impression? I am in big problem. Please help me.


I think this is primarily because of festival season. Wait till January for the impressions and clicks to rise.


It might also have something to do with the ToS warning you received. :thinking:


How long ago did you change you your gigs?
Sometimes adding changes removes the gig from the search for some time but gradually it’s coming back to where it was.


If it’s true then thanks.
As I really wanted to know if making changes affects your presence on Fiverr search. Because I also see some drop in clicks after making changes on my gig.


i think its all good - recently added video, updated tags, etc and am seeing the same decline. hang in there and all should be fine.


Considering ratings are based from month to month, it will take time to tell what affects ratings.


20 Days ago.impression is almost 0 now. But 1 month ago it was 40-80 per day.


i think changing title and description effect ranking but images doesn’t effect or little.



you have got warning from your fiveerr then you have to wait till its end after that please share your gives with social media,so it help to increase your impressions and clicks.
Also please include LinkedIn so it really helps for better response.
Hope this will help you and thank you so much


I love the ‘behind the sences’ talk here. Makes me think about my own gigs.