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Decrease in feedback leaving and TIPS from buyers

Since the introduction of the blind review system I observed that buyers are not leaving feedbacks. Also usually I got at least 1 buyer in 5 who left a TIP at the end but since blind review system I had almost 20 odd orders and just 1 TIP!

Do share your thoughts!

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I still get reviews, but I have not had one tip since the blind review system went in to effect. :thinking:


I have seen decrease in both even users are happy but either some disappear or they don’t want to leave so can’t insist anyone

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OMG!!! I’m a new seller with just one 5 star review and struggling to get more. I’m reading about this blind review system last several day and got to know many pros and cons but your one is the different one. Sellers will definitely not be able to get reviews like before. Who cares about sellers? Not Fiverr, not buyers. Who will spend there time to click some step to give a review( bad or good). Also I’m sure many sellers are going to lose there 5 star review batch( It will be less than that).

But I think this system will increase sellers sincerity to satisfy their client 100%. Anyways I don’t know about scammers, bad clients (Pardon me please).

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I heard they were getting rid of the blind review system. Any updates to this? I need this stuff gone fast.


Yes! I too heard the same but really don’t know when and if its true or not

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Changes have been happening but overall all goes good if we work hard! So keep working hard you surely will have great sucess

Hi psychicbunny,

Unfortunately, I don’t think they are going to get rid of the blind reviews system. The updated review system that’s coming out soon is going to be just as blind as the one in place right now. The only difference being that it will have 2 additional features:

  1. we will now be able to reply to buyers’ reviews after they have been made visible on our profile/gig (post our side of the story);

  2. we will now be able to review/rate our buyers (this review/rating will be visible on the buyer’s profile).

In fact, there was a post on something similar 3 days ago. Have a look:

If you would like to confirm if this is what Fiverr’s official post said, you can have a look here:


i got 1 buyer in 30 orders who left tip. I am here on fiverr from 1 year and i think i got only 8-10 time tip from my buyers. :rofl:

If we can post a response to a review after seeing it that means it’s the end of blind reviews.

I assume that it will be optional to rate the buyer hopefully.

I too am eager for this change to happen ASAP.

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The first review posted by the buyer and the seller will still be blind. That’s the reason why it is called a “blind review”. The buyer will initiate the process by first posting a review, after which the seller will be given the option to post their review (at this time, the seller will not be able to see the review that the buyer has posted, which is why it will still be a blind review system).

The fact that the seller will be able to respond to the review posted by the buyer AFTER it appears on their gig/profile won’t make it any less blind imo. If the first review posted by the seller were to somehow disappear after they respond to the buyer review, one could argue that it is not a blind review anymore. But, this won’t be the case.

Sellers can still look like fools in the first review (when there is a huge mismatch between the reviews of the seller and the buyer). While being able to respond to the buyer’s review (to possibly defend their first review which might otherwise put them in a very awkward position) will be awesome, it will still not be the same as it was before the blind review system came along.

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We were told we could respond to the buyer’s review, which means we can see it and leave a response, making it not a blind review.

We were not told the exact proceedure, whether leaving the review on the buyer’s profile was optional or not. So no point right now in debating how it will work.

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Yes, but the part where the seller will be able to respond to the buyer’s review will only come after the initial blind review process has already been completed (by the buyer and seller posting their initial reviews).

In fact, here’s the exact words Fiverr’s staff used in their post which explains the changes they are making to the review system:

we’re beginning the second phase of double-blind reviews.

Yes, you are absolutely right about that. However, I don’t see what bearing this would have on the “blindness” of the review system. No matter whether leaving a review on the buyer’s profile is going to be mandatory or not, it is still going to be a blind review system (at least, this is what I glean from whatever limited info. Fiverr has shared with us so far). :smiley:

I hope we are not going to be forced to review buyers before seeing the review they left for us. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I hope so too! :crossed_fingers:

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