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Decrease in impressions & views?

Is anyone else experiencing a drop-off in impressions and views for their gigs? On my most popular gig, I typically average around 3,000 impressions & 500-700 views a week…but this past week? 70 impressions and less than 40 views. It’s been 10 days without an order, and I’m just completely puzzled. I haven’t changed anything… Is this happening to anyone else?

I too have been experiencing this, most likely do to the summer and that many business owners are taking vacation which means they aren’t actively worried about buying gigs. I would say once it gets close to the middle of July things might start picking back up again.

I was thinking it could just be the summer, but I went back to last year’s sales, and I didn’t have a drop-off at all. It’s strange…two weeks without an order.

My gig has 23 impressions a day for the past month. I think 3 sales, all from older customers. Been a long time since those ‘20 orders a day’ I used to deal with.

Well every new year fiverr gets more and more sellers it increases each year, so there may not have been as much competition last year for you. The thing with fiverr is you can never know if you will make alot of sales or no sales at all its always random but thats the price we all pay for using a platform rather than marketing ourself outside of fiverr, such as advertising yourself offline to local businesses for an example.

i have the same issue!
since September 20th, i had a drop from 400 per day to 5-15 per day…
what can be done?

I think somewhere I read one of your posts about the new Beta Feature for Advertising Gigs. I have several gigs but Fiverr approved one of my gigs for this beta test. I implemented the Ad feature for the one gig with the beta test and it is the only gig that gets new clients. My other gigs do not have the beta feature and the only messages I get for them is repeat clients.

Not sure it is true, but it feels like Fiverr search has a filter that filters new buyers to the Gigs with Ads – but I have no proof other than my experience.

I don’t think anything can be done…Fiverr is the only one who has the power to change the search algo