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Decrease in sales since 3.0 hit?

i have noticed a steep decline in the amount of orders i have gotten this month. i noticed it started doing this when my fiverr made the jump to 3.0. i remember when 2.0 hit i seriously got like 2 sales that month. while my sales this month arent nearly as abysmal as 2, its still not anywhere close to what i usually make, and it has definitely dropped off. has anyone else noticed this?

Same here, new meta tag method is a mess! I cannot clearly mention my business,

for example I’m doing vectorizing gig. earlier my gig have 32k “gig impressions” + 1000 clicks now it 728 impressions and 5 clicks in this month!

I don’t know what to do!

Same here :frowning: Only 1 order in the whole month… i was used to receive 5-9 orders in a week… Something is really happened to the search system… i am not even receiving a single message now :frowning:

Edited: My Gigs are not even appearing in search results now.

One GIG has 300+ Rating all with 100% rating but it is no where to be found through search even with exact keywords.

Big drop off, definitely. Hopefully it’ll pick back up again soon.

same here too. Pretty much no orders at all… . I don’t know what fiverr did for the search system, but something is wrong and i hope that this will solve in time.

Unfortunately I am facing the same problem too… something changed on the search system for sure…

Same here!

Everyone, Please contact support and let the technical department know about this issue. I Believe this is not normal.

Thankfully my regular customers are keeping me active. I’ve had the fewest new orders since I became a level 1 seller several months ago. Many of my ‘competitors’ have reduced sales too. It’s a strange one.

same problem,my orders drastically reduced,i lost the new clients , i work mostly for old clients, the new clients are not able to find my gig as before in Fiverr 2.0…

Majority of top selling gigs are not properly displayed on Categories and Search Results…

C Support said there is no bug, the system works as intended…they suggest to promote my gig outside of fiverr…

I put my hope in Fiverr 4.0… , 5.0 etc…

If Fiverr pushed us out, then we can search for work on other websites…

yes true. the past 2 weeks has been quite slow.

Yes this is really sad!

Please Fiverr fix the search engine!!


fiverr - "were making thing easier and more streamline"

Sellers - "i havent made any money this month… help?"