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Decrease of sales and conversation with buyers [ARCHIVED]

As recently I became a level 2 star on fiver, but as recent i am viewing that my conversation with buyers has been decreasing as of now, previously i was having 8 10 new buyer’s conversation but now, it hardly one…Can anybody help me and tell what is the issue i am having or if somebody have the same issue then please, reply…

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M.Saud Siddiqui

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I’m having the same issue, someone can help us?

having same issue views are getting down and submitted a support ticket but didn’t received response from a month I guess.

You are not alone and I hope it will be back to normal soon.

its happening with everyone. sales are close to nothing now. the best month was aug and sept :frowning:

keep changing your gig pics, description etc and market it using social media.

hahaha…so the magic ends, I am happy that I am not alone, @safwan Please tell is there any special months we have for sales? and if thats happen what abou the rest of the months, will this sales magic rise again in near future.As on for promotion I am currently posting my gigs time to time, but still its happening…

I noticed the same, even though my gig rankings in the listings are still the same, my sales dropped.

This concerns me… I think fiverr has a huge traffic problem at the moment. I checked how popular fiverr is at and saw a HUGE drop since end of August. It just keeps going down and down. Fiverr (or google) must have changed something dramatically. Maybe they’re advertising less… but I can hardly imagine that now fiverr is running ad campaigns on tv.

Just look at this graph… wtf happened :S

very useful post, how can it be so down, because this process of bussiness is so unique and beneficial, even fivver is so known website among the people. may be its because the competitors of fivver has been arises who have the same stragies with some + points like cutt offs and other things it will be starnge people have started looking for other options, what say ?

Reply to @mystic_insight: true, they’re advertising this place as the “5 dollar marketplace” which gives people the wrong impression about this place and results in negative experiences… and of course treating sellers like crap is one of the biggest reasons this place is becoming more and more unpopular … all of the good sellers are leaving and all that they’re left with is people who know nothing about the things they’re offering here and are just trying to make a few quick bux. is doing far better that fiverr at this point of time…

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Reply to @kreativekingdom: All of the fiverr duplicate websites are crap and get almost ZERO traffic.

Reply to @kreativekingdom: A few months ago fiverr was very close to that position. I remember I visited alexa 1 time and fiverr was on 64th place… most visited site.

The question is friend , is there any way to come out from the situation, I rember two months back when i joined this website, I have 10 15 buyer request of work , even i was unable to manage it. and now see things are so strange that i hardly have one or two buyers in tywo three days and some time it lands even on 0.

Reply to @kreativekingdom: If fiverr is really getting a lot less traffic at the moment than I’m sure fiverr’s team is working already to fix this.

Look at this post from a fiverr administrator:

I think google has given fiverr lower rankings…

Reply to @rebelnation:

I’ve seen the ads myself. They make a point of saying, gigs “starting at $5”. Fiverr is not claiming that everything is $5, or that this is a “5 dollar marketplace”.

Fiverr has changed how they organize their marketplace, and that has certainly had an effect on the sales – for just about everyone. We’ve all become comfortable in the level of traffic and sales we previously gained. But, like any business (and yes, by selling on Fiverr, you ARE a business), you have to change to stay current with the trends, customers, business models, etc. Fiverr has to do this too, or they fail as a business.

I know it might be a hard pill to swallow, but there nothing wrong with the fact that Fiverr has made changes. Nothing at all. For you to be successful in an ever changing retail market, you have to learn to accept and embrace change as well.

This is how Fiverr will be moving forward. Embrace it, and move forward, or be left in the dust waiting foolishly for things to go back they way they once were. Fiverr is changing. The “old” Fiverr is a thing of the past. There’s no going back… only forward. Those who choose to accept this change will find ways to continue to be successful. Those who cling to the past… well, it won’t be an easy road to travel.

@heronimus very help bro

@jonbaas… Can you please expand little more, as you have mentioned several times about ‘‘change’’ can you please write more about that change.

Reply to @kreativekingdom:

Change as in: how Fiverr organizes and maintains their marketplace. Many sellers have been complaining about “losing ranking” in the marketplace, no longer being on the first page(s) of search results, and having less traffic to their gigs. Fiverr has changed how these marketplace “rankings” work. They appear to have adjusted the factors required to appear near the top of search results, and sellers previously enjoying top visibility now need to work harder – on their own – to be successful.

No longer can sellers skate by on traffic from the Fiverr marketplace alone, now, everyone has to put in the work to advertise and promote themselves, bring in traffic through their own efforts, and improve their gigs for SEO in Google and other search engines.

THOSE are the kinds of changes I was referring to.

Reply to @jonbaas: There is something a bit off about their algorithm though… If you look under the high rating option for gigs… gigs that have lower number of feedback and less positive feedback are ranking MUCH HIGHER than those that have a high number of feedback and semi-decent feedback.

Yes, we do have work we must do to spread the word about our business. However, this is one area where many sellers are having issues.

Reply to @emeraldawnn:

As I understand it, there are more factors to the search ranking algorithm than just quantity of positive feedback. Communication, response time, quantity of sales, consistency of sales, delivery time are just a few of the other things likely calculated into Fiverr’s algorithm. There’s a lot more that goes into a successful gig in Fiverr’s eyes than just how many positive reviews a seller receives.