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Decrease response rate


**I have answered all my buyer’s answers correctly, and within 24 hours,but why did my Response Rate Decrease?:-1::-1::-1: How to make my response rate 100% again? ** :thinking:
And how many days needs to make 100% again,:ok_hand::ok_hand: please help me, :pray:
Here is my profile link:
Thanks in advanced. :pray::pray:


Same thing happened to me, you may refer below conversation with similar topic


The same has happened with me, without any delay my response rate also dropped to 87% and now its on 91% but not increasing whereas I reply instantly to every message etc.


thank you so much :pray:


the same happened to me about a week ago and I can’t get it up from 67% even tho I answered to the spam messages too. :frowning:


now is this okay in your account? now how many % in your account?


now it is again on 100% since 2 days ago. back to normal, maybe because I had a couple jobs in that time.


Thank you very much for your valuable feedback