Decrease Sales in December?


Hi All…

So, Does your sales decrease in this festival season Month of December and last Month of This Year ? I got no sale from 20 days LOL…

DO you have same Situation…?



Yes, I’ve noticed this, but I have also just came back from about a month from having to pause my gigs to deal with a family bereavement. As such I’m actually liking being able to ease back into Fiverr slowly. I do understand though, how sudden decreases in sales can be a worry if you rely solely on Fiverr for making an income.

First then, don’t worry. You have some really nice gigs, great reviews. The only thing I would suggest, is maybe think about modifying your gig descriptions as the first paragraph on each doesn’t actually read very fluently

Secondly, I see you offer a couple of video gigs. In this case, why not use the free time you have at the moment to create videos for the gigs which you have which you are not promoting with video yet?

Thirdly, I’ve been freelancing full time for three years now and in this time I’ve learned that there are always going to be periods when work doesn’t fly in like it does at others. What I do then, is budget carefully. i.e. always put aside some money when you do have lots and lots of orders, so that you don’t have to worry about slow times like the present one.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best with your gigs in 2016! Just remember to keep positive and try to present yourself as best as possible.

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i am thinking of same thing on my side too :frowning:


Sales rise and fall throughout the year. And each seller’s experience is going to be different depending upon the service(s) that they sell. There is no single experience that applies to everyone.


Hi Andy… Thanks for your Response and Appreciation… I am Glad to see your comments…Yes when you back from your holidays then you have to wait for some time for reach your actual position on Fiverr… I will Highly Recommend to use Fiverr app… Just keep in touch with your clients via app. If you can :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I like your all Suggestions :slight_smile: Yeah Definitely ill do the same… But if you noticed i have video for in one of my gig that’s for logo design.


Yeah :slight_smile: We need some patience …


Yo :slight_smile: you are right … Good to see your response. Thanks


Sorry for your loss in the family :(. Hope you’re doing okay.


Ha ha ha same here, but I think patience is the key to success:grinning:


You are not alone. There are ups and down :slight_smile: