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Decreased Response Rate for no valid reason

I used “Preview Public Mode” to see how my profile would look like to the client, there I found a button called “Get a Quote”. Curiously I pressed it, filled up a request file to myself for a logo. Then I went to check my inbox, the message I sent to myself. Without replying to myself I deleted the conversation. The next day, my response rate went down to 50%…
Something is wrong here

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Well, you had to reply then :woman_shrugging: All First messages with a clock sign next to them counts for the rating

You can contact CS and see what they can do in this case, but I’m not sure they will be able to do anything


Why would anyone do that in the first place? :thinking:


WoW! That’s a ninja technique to lower the response rate.

As @mariashtelle1 suggested, you may contact CS and tell them about the magic you performed and they’ll probably fix it for you.


I was curious :slightly_smiling_face: never expected this

Thank you guys for responsing. I will contact CS. Or I have to bear this for the next 30 days

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