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Decreasing impression and clicks


This was my best selling gig. But in 4 days without any reason all impression and clicks are decreasing

Any one has this issue? What should I do for this?

Please help me…


Same with my gigs. No sales.


Promote your gig as much as you can it will helpful


This is a common scenario!
Dont worry
Be patient and promote your gigs in multple soical media platforms and exchange favourites with them


Same problem…


3000 impressions and 500 clicks! Great numbers, and good job! I am going to work really hard to get to the numbers you have.


Well, in this case, you show-up at least for every 2 hours and stay active on Fiverr. This way you can be able to search Buyer’s request and grab the opportunity at the very first sight.
Thank you.


I’m also facing same problem.


i am also facing the same problem please can any one expalin how can we improve it.


Would you please tell us.How you got view?


I work here for 3 years friend. It is not just easy :slight_smile:


Anyone here to solve this issue ?


I´m having the same problem ! I just can´t belive what is going on !
Not sales at all ! I been working in Fiverr for 1 year, and since 20 days ago kind of…
No sales !!!


I don’t know what happen in fiverr.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hello all…Dont worry
This field is like this…one month you will earn, the other month you wont/earn more /less than last one!

This profession is like that…the income is not fixed,it’s varied.
To keep the income almost steady you can open join other freelancing communities and try to find work / create your youtube channel and teach them what you do here or anything you like…this will generate you some income as well

You can also consider this as a vacation and utilize the time in learning new skills or strengthening the existing skill so that you can provide better service in future to your clients.

I am a freelancer as well and i try this strategy too…
For more info you can reply me in my comments.

@sharif54 @miquelinet1 @shohan1706 and all others who are suffering from this


Try to edit your profile and make the Title, Description and Logo appealing so that it catches buyer’s eyes. Hope this tip will help you Shohan.
Thank you.


One thing you can try is to reach out to existing customers to see if there is anything you can provide them with. A warm contact, where there you already have an existing relationship should be more likely to reorder with you. You might even be able to ask if they know of anyone that might be in need of the services you provide.


You should do lot of marketing


Do gig marketing on social media