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Decreasing Orders


Hey friends, I am new to Fiver forum. So firstly I would like to say HI :slight_smile:
So in these says I am getting a few orders than last two months. Anyone know the reason?
I can’t understand why all gig statistical are decreasing. Have anyone got an idea?
Thank you



It can be due to Fiverr conducting tests regarding their search placement algorithm:


There should be a blue box at the top that tells you why.

As a side mention – I doubt your Justin Clynes the model as your profile picture shows. For some buyers it is a sign of dishonesty to have a picture that is not your own.


Thanks a lot for your reply friend :slight_smile:
Have you got an idea about when will this solve?


Was the blue notification box shown just temporarily? Because it literally feels like there is no more blue box…


Thank you friend for your kindly reply. Do you think my profile picture effect on getting orders?


When I buy off here if they have gig photos or profile picture that is just stock photos or ripping off the internet, I will not buy from them.
I want authentic sellers.


I don’t know about “blue box…”. Could you please explain it?


I -x-ed mine off so I don’t know. It showed up every time for me before I did that.


woofy linked to the thread.


I am going to change my picture now :smiley:


What is “blue notification box” meaning friend?


Just go to woofy’s link. Seriously it’s that simple.


:frowning: I can’t see anything


This is a blue notification box - try clicking on it :wink:


Oh got it. Thank you friend.
Cool to here that


Glad to see you changed the picture as well - and it’s a great photo :wink: See? Nothing to be ashamed off to even hide your true self.


agreed. Much better photo. He doesn’t look “fake” now :slight_smile:


I know this is another topic for another day, but why do people use other people as their profile pictures, that seems to me like identity theft + misrepresentation.

Anyways, I think the search test has alot to do with what is going on. I have kinda felt the effect.



Thanks all of you :slight_smile: (about picture)
That was taken in my university function :stuck_out_tongue: