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Decreasing performance day by day


Hi dears ,
i’m one level seller in fiverr but now i face some problem.
my Performance is now (Orders Completed 75% & Delivered on Time 67%)
Decreasing day by day my performance automatic.
please give suggestion how i solved this?
why automatic Decreasing this?
i was only one order cancel .
now i’m not get any order for this.
please please give tips how i get order .


Orders complete - 75% - this is calculated over the last 60 days, so if you delivered 4 gigs, and 1 was cancelled, then your percentage completed is 75%.

Delivered on time - 67%, means you’ve been late delivering a third of your orders.

So, to improve, all you can do is try not to cancel any orders, and deliver on time! :slight_smile:


i agree with you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


how I get order?
because now I not get any order.
please give some tips


Here are some wonderful threads - read & learn.



Unfortunately, while those ratings are so low, you might not see many orders for the next 60 days. Fiverr tracks completed orders and delivered on time for only 60 days. After 60 days, any order that was not delivered on time, or was refunded (not completed) will no longer be tracked.

If you don’t add to those low ratings in the next 60 days, you should see those ratings rise again 60 days from now. :slight_smile:


totally agree with @offlinehelpers

furthermore, what you can do is make sure to use your buyer requests wisely and keeping sending buyers request so others may know you exist when sending buyer request, make sure to incorporate your intro, what you will be doing, your previous work, your expertise and a guess of how long and how much you will charge for providing your services and make sure to let your buyers know to contact you so you can discuss and negotiate with them.

If you were getting some orders and now you don’t what you can do (not guaranteed) you can send kind of special proposal to your previous buyers letting them know that its a special occasion for me and I’m giving 20-30% off for my services, its a good way to get 1 or 2 orders back :slight_smile: I’ve tried this, there is no harm in trying :slight_smile:

bottom line, just be responsible, people expect great work from you and you should meet their expectations and needs, deliver on time and deliver awesome work :slight_smile:


I don’t want to sound mean but, as a potential buyer, I wouldn’t expect “great work” from him. I am not even sure I’d expect decent results.

Most of his gigs mention ridiculous turnarounds for design work. “Five logos in 24 hours for 5 dollars”? “Social Media Design in 3 Hours”? Full ads brochures for 5 bucks and 24 hours? One of his featured images even says victor instead of Vector! I worked alongside designers before and none of these projects take so little time from scratch. You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true…

@creative_minhaz You have a long way to go if you want these gigs to thrive, but you shouldn’t panic. Provided that you actually are a professional and not just someone who’s looking to make a few bucks flipping assets, you can start from these bullets:

  • Use Your Own IP: You mention 5+ years of experience but I see no portfolio, no collection of previous work, nothing that could show me or anybody else what you’re actually capable of. Proprietary business logos are copyright-protected assets. Pepsi or Fanta are unlikely to ever move to catch such a small fish, but any potential customer seeing those may doubt your skills;

  • Proofread Your Gigs: I get it, speaking multiple languages is a challenge. Personally, I am always concerned something may escape my eye. To be completely sincere, I am certain I made a few mistakes in the past. Some of your descriptions, though, are so blatantly incorrect that anybody would question whether you’re actually able to put together a functional piece of promotional material! If you can’t spend a few moments to ensure everything is up to snuff, how are you going to convince people of your dedication?

  • Don’t Undersell Your Skills: while the prices you went with may be enough to turn a profit in your own country, you’re competing in an international market. Low prices are enticing, but go too low and it all immediately becomes suspicious.

I wish you luck and I really hope to come back to a TRS badge being proudly displayed on your profile! Don’t give up, you can do this!