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Decreasing sells day by day & new traffics very low

Hello Everybody,
I Don’t understand what happening on my gig. Last month only one new clients came and order me. For some old clients I am able to earn some $$. I am facing this problem about last 2 month. I have tried many way to get new order but I am unable. I had edited my gig several time to make attractive and created a new blog, also uploaded some portfolio but didn’t work. To get order I have shared my gig and blog everyday, this only increase my gig view and impression.
My status
Level 2 seller
Response rate 100%
Order completion 100%
On time delivery 100%
Positive rating 5*
Order completed 366
Rating 298.

Please help me to get order.

Thank you


Hello dude, Facing same problem, did not get any order from last 30 days.
Waiting for expert suggestion… May be we get some help…

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I am waiting for help

I’m a buyer and have been trying to buy a service but they won’t accept payments it says that it’s blocked but my bank says it goes through they billed me 7 times and not once did I get service. Not sure what’s going on but I think there site is jacked. Buyers like me are frustrated and giving up. You guys should complain to Fiverr because I’ve tried as a buyer and am getting no help. Your losing sales because there system is not working is my guess

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I had also contacted on customer support team but they suggested what I had done. Support team also told me they can’t guarantee of my sells.

I have seen these type of posts all around these days , what is happening with fiverr market? Some of the sellers with level are talking in this manner. :thinking:

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