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Decreasing the response rate

I’m on vacation mode… but still my response rate decrease… please tell me how to recover my response rate… when I on the vacation mode its on 95% but now it goes down to 80% . Please help me…

Your message response rate goes down when you do not answer the messages that you receive. I believe the rate covers your responses within the past 30 days. If you want to improve your response rate, response to your messages, and wait 30 days.

No I don’t receive any message in between the vacation mode or before I on the vacation mode … also I don’t send any buyer request in this time…so do I wait for 30 Days???

As far as I am aware, your response rate covers all messages received within the past 30 days.

It’s possible that this is a bug where the response rate goes down for no reason so I suggest asking customer support why it is going down.

I think I may know why it went down. You came on Fiverr and you saw no new messages yet still the response rate went down. This is exactly what I just noticed a few minutes ago on my account.

The Website platform doesn’t tell you when a spammer messages you because their system marks the message as spam and then removes it. Therefore, not allowing you to see it and respond to it. How do I know? The fiverr mobile app gets the notification before the system erases the message automatically.

So in summary, you got a message from a spammer and Fiverr deleted it which prevented you answering. That in turn affected your response rate. I think this is an error or oversight on Fiverr’s part that needs to be fixed.

The rate eventually goes back up after 30 days but I still hate having to wait that long.