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Decreasing the response rate

M a level 1 seller… I don’t reply any one of the messages after 1 hour. but recently notice that every day my response rate decreasing every day…last day I notice that its 90% and today when I check it shows 89%. Please help me…

I suggest you to teply sellers as soon as they messege. Best way is to download fiverr app. So you are notified about new messeges. Even if you cannot do the job reply saying you cannot. If you do not reply rate go down. If you cannot reply or cannot work put vacation mode on. Unless that when response rate reduce your name wont come up on search and you will get lesser sales.

Also the response rate is calculated from last 30 days only way to increase it respond asap for another 30 days and maintain that

@nichole92 100% right :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: @nichole92

Very good sujession sister.Thank you.