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Decrements in Order Completion Rate


I don’t know why but it us happening.

I had 100% order completion rate. Then an order is cancelled and the rate decreased to 94%, its okay.

After that I started decreasing again gradually. It comes to 92%, then 91% again 92 and now it is 90%.
Even no more orders are cancelled or late (except that one cancelled order).

Please tell me why it is happening. Thanks


It happens because the completion rate is calculated in a 60-day window, so in oder to keep it up you have to complete more orders. Let me explain with an example:

On day 0, you had 20 completed orders, that is 100% completion rate.

On day 1, when you got your cancellation, you had 20 orders completed in the last 60 days and 1 cancelled, so that is a 95% completion rate.

On day 2, a day has passed, and 3 of your completed orders are now too old and outside the 60 day window, so you have now 17 completed orders, and 1 cancelled, that is a 94% completion rate.

On day 3, another day has passed, and 2 of your completed orders are now too old and outside the 60 day window, so you have now 15 completed orders and 1 cancelled, that is a 93% completion rate.

And so on. Just do a simple math calculation: completion rate=100-((cancelled orders*100)/(orders in 60 day time window))

In order to avoid being demoted, you will have to complete enough orders to keep the percentage over 90%.


Thanks a lot @juanwriter. You are so awesome.


I think that cancelled orders shouldn’t factor into the order completion rate. Every time I’ve had to cancel an order it’s because the buyer is trying to pay less than they should for the requirements. The last one they wanted me to cancel because they didn’t want to pay for a commercial license for a business and it was clearly an ad VO. You have the whole resolution center for a reason. Sometimes buyers make mistakes. The seller shouldn’t have to pay for it. If the BUYER is asking the seller to cancel, why is the seller faulted?


This is really amazing info to know. Thank you.


You should’ve told them the final pricing with including everything. So if they agree they will order otherwise not. It’s not a buyer’s fault.


That’s fine if they request a custom order because it can be relayed in the inbox. It’s not so easy with the $5 VO because commercial licensing is listed as an extra. It’s not my fault people can’t read and/or comprehend what “commercial” is, even though it’s also clearly listed in my FAQ section.

Do I make all jobs have commercial licensing baked in and shut out the clients that may need a VO for a spec or personal projects? I literally did that with my voicemail gig because people were abusing it.

The last cancellation was because they ordered a 250 word gig VO for $5, but their script was over 2,000 words. Then they didn’t want to pay more.


Then add… Please message me before ordering in the description at the top and highlight it. Very least people read the descriptions and lol how come they will read the faq’s.


The logic here is still “sellers fault because buyers don’t read/comprehend.” The fact is, commercial licensing is part of Fiverr’s system. It’s part of the native Gig extra for VOs. Negligence is on the buyer and sellers are paying for it. They don’t read the fine print, so I don’t expect adding more fine print will change the results.

That still doesn’t prevent the people who pay $5 for 250 words and provide a 2200+ word script from wanting to cancel.

An order is essentially a contract with specific terms. If the buyer is requesting different terms, the seller shouldn’t be the one who has “voided” their end of the agreement.