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Dedicate an amazing rhyme to your mom or business: See why and how

Hey, people, here’s an opportunity to take advantage of a desperado. Although I am a highly experienced writer, I am new here on Fiverr. So, I’m naturally desperate for clients and for excellent reviews.

When you check in, you will get further details about me including the fact that I scored 9.2/10 in Fiverr skill test. However, here, I want to tell you about my first-ever and currently only gig on this space. I’m dedicating amazingly customized rhymed lyrics to anything that is dear to you and according to your choice. Please, go here:

Now, why should you do this? See why:

  1. Where everyone is writing in prose, this will make you both outstanding and totally unforgettable in the minds of your prospects, customers, and/or clients.

  2. It will make your prospects respond more readily to your calls for action. How do I know this? First, it is well known that the happier you make your prospects, the more readily they will pay you. Well, needless to say, my rhymes entertain your audience. Making the prospects happier while on your page, their guards are lowered and they pay you more readily. Secondly, a major part of this lowering of guards is the fact that your prospects do not suspect you of any attempt to sell to them (after all, you’d only be singing for them when, all of a sudden, your message gets delivered in style).

Well, only a trial will convince you. Please note that I will soon be increasing my prices. This is not merely a marketing gimmick. Instead, I am expecting so many requests that I will have to raise the bar to make the job keep its fun on my side. In case you don’t know, it is the fun I find in my write-ups that rub off on the audience - which is your advantage as a webpreneur since it gets prospects to respond more readily to your desires.

Let me conclude by letting you know that I also write (or develop) web content, craft killer ad copies, write research papers, and do much more. But I will create gigs for these ones as I am able to make out time. Interestingly, one thing that stands me out in all my writings is that I always bring in fun in a relevant way. For instance, based on how the inspiration moves me, I can drop a beautiful poem in the middle of an ad copy. Thank you for now. I’m expecting your orders.

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