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Deduction From My Upcoming Earnings

This is so alarming, a trend that has been going on but this very one is so disheartening. I have 6 delivered orders and 7 orders in queue and when i did the calculation of my earning i discovered I’m suppose to have $124 upcoming earning but i was shocked to see i have $76 upcoming thats $48 deducted from my account and this is so painful and i never expected this from fiverr i have sent request to support more than twice but i have not gotten any response from them and I’m very dissappointed.

Please has any one experienced this before and how were you enable to get it resolved because i’m truly not happy right now.

Please kindly drop help in the comment box i would appreciate it.


First of all, I just want to make sure you realize that you earn 75% of the sales you make. Fiverr takes 25%. On your Revenues page, the amounts listed are your actual earnings, after Fiverr takes its percent. At any given time, the funds are “upcoming”, “pending” and “available”. That’s because at any given time, your orders are “open/in progress/active”, “delivered” or “complete/done”. Until you deliver your order, you only have pending funds. When you deliver an order, if your buyer doesn’t mark it as complete, it will automatically be marked complete by the Fiverr system, but the funds are not available to you for 14 days, they’re pending. After this 14 to 17 days (depending on if your buyer marks his order as complete or you have to wait for the system to do it), your funds are now available to you for withdrawal.

What all this means is that unless your account has been hacked and someone is stealing from you, then your funds are in any of these states (upcoming, pending, available) and there is some overlap, so you might want to double-check how you computed your earnings.

As to not hearing from Customer Support, did you file a ticket and click on the verification link in the subsequent email you should have gotten? If not then CS may not have gotten your complaint, for some reason, so you may need to go through the process again. My experience has been that I may not get an answer to my problem right away (depends on how busy they are) but I get an automated email response with the verification link almost immediately.