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Deep fake voice reconstruction-reusing someone's voice, without consent

There have been multiple threads about reselling being permitted here. My suggestion is adding in terms of service that deep fake voice construction (reusing someone’s voice) without their consent is not permitted.

It is one thing to record your voice, be paid for a recording and waive your rights to that recording.

It is another to record, be paid for that and for your voice to be reused for different narration and context without your knowledge or consent ad infinitum without compensation.

A reseller on this site has, among the voice samples available, voice samples that are artificial/slightly robotic sounding. One of the offered services for that reseller was text to voice.

If the buyer request clearly indicates that the seller’s voice can be reused for a different script in the future without additional payment or consent, fine.

But I think it should be in the terms of service that doing so without consent is disallowed.

Also, if a seller offers a text-to-voice gig, the original narrator’s consent to this should be verifiable.

I’m not saying it would be an easy task for Fiverr to investigate this!


Are you sure they are using a specific person’s voice without their permission though? Text to speech software that allows commercial use does exist. One example would be google. As far as I know they allow using their text to speech commercially and they have a pretty nice library of voices.


@alyonagrapie no, I’m not sure they are using a specific person’s voice without their permission.

I know text to speech software exists.

My suggestion is that if someone’s voice is used that way, it needs to be with their knowledge and consent and that not doing so should be against TOS.

Well, in that case I think presumption of innoscence should apply and investigation should only occur if the owner of the rights to specific voice complains about it. It would be very inefficient to check every delivery of every order, especially since there can be hours upon hours of audio.
Although I do understand where your concern is coming from, some of the gigs of that sort can be a bit shady if not downright fraudulent.

Deepfake is against the rules for video. I don’t think it mentions audio and I’m not sure that would be necessarily be called deep fake for audio only. So I don’t think currently it’s against the TOS/site rules to use someone’s audio that they bought for another video/videos if they bought the necessary rights (eg. commercial rights).


Deepfakes are created using artificial intelligence technology that superimposes the movements and words of one person onto another. While there are many legitimate applications of this technology, including mainstream filmmaking, deepfakes can also make it harder to combat the spread of disinformation and potentially easier to dismiss real events as fake. We monitor deepfake activity closely and will review reported cases on an individual basis.

Also say someone got the right audio from seller x and could use that for new voice overs, I don’t think they’d be pretending to be seller x (they probably don’t even say who it is) - so it’s not exactly faking seller x I think.

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What you could do is put it in your gig description that that use isn’t allowed (or that you charge an extra amount of x to allow that).

@uk1000 yes, I was thinking of adding that in requirements


Didn’t know this was a thing.