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So here’s a question, if it needs to be moved then let me know which category it should be under.

I currently have a seller making me an IOS and Android app for a cryptocurrency I created. Now the seller asked for $180 to “purchase” a “responsive plugin” to help make my app perform smoother. I told him,“It’s not my job to buy your hammer and nails, you should have stated in the gig what the total cost would be.” Now this wasn’t an add on or anything just a, hey I need this to make your app I need more money. Now here is the real issue.

Because I told him no he’s probably upset he couldn’t scam some extra money out of me. So what are the fiverr guidelines for lets say if he puts in some code into my app that, let’s just say, 1.Leaks user info 2.Steals users funds or 3.puts in an Easter egg that just isn’t appropriate, all because it’s his way of getting back at me. What would fiverr do? Would I get my money back? What if the “bug” doesn’t go into affect until 3 months after? Thoughts?


That’s not Fiverr’s responsibility if something bad happens to your gig. If something goes wrong you should always contact the seller. Fiverr serves as only the platform between you and the seller.

If you are hesitant to work with him then you should find someone else.


It violates TOS so explain how it’s not? Creating an app and making a logo are two different things. You can censor bad language but Fiverr needs a code safeguard. If I were to order a video that has the seller saying I love Apples but instead it said I love Oranges…would you still pay for the order no…SO who’s responsibility is it to enforce that the order goes through without a hitch(ultimately)?

Lol a crummy gig and not what you ordered are the same thing. Do you work with code a lot? He could embed something and I would have no idea if he did or not, it’s not as simple as “playing around with the app.”


What exactly violates TOS? The fact that he gave you a crummy gig?
Again that’s not on Fiverr, that is between you and the seller. Fiverr will basically tell you peace out.
Now unless he tries to not deliver you the gig, sends you something that isn’t what you ordered at all, etc. Fiverr will possibly take action. But if the seller did his job then there’s not much Fiverr Support can do for you.
As long as you communicated with the seller about your needs, you should be fine. Just play around with the app when it is installed right away and see if there are any major issues that need to be fixed.


You could maybe hire another person to look at the code for you, or if you feel unsafe you can always click the cancel button.


I think that the most that Fiverr could do is refund you and possibly (and I mean possible) ban the seller. If you have any doubts then cancel and go to someone you can trust.


You can get a refund up to 14 days after the order was marked as complete.

If he puts a harmful code into your app and you can prove it, Fiverr might also warn the seller (or ban him, depending on the damage done).

However, getting your funds back or getting the seller banned wouldn’t help you repair the damage to your reputation if the safety of the users of the app is compromised.


That’s a great reply! My only reason is because let’s say he did put harmful code intently, fiverr could have a software that triple checks for malicious code. Just an idea. Seeing as how an app is way more complicated and the intricacy of the gig requires more fine tooth combs. For all we know, the seller making the app could have put in a code to host a trafficking site and no one would know!


From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Users are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. Fiverr will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur due to site usage, use of content or files transferred.”


Be here lies a major flaw. Not all code is considered viruses or malware as those are pieces of software with independent functions. The code I’m talking about wouldn’t be a virus or malware that would infect my computer or phone it would be a piece of code that let’s say for every sale that happened on my app, 1% of the sale went to the app developers bank account. Is that a virus or malware? No. Simply put it is just functionality code that I the buyer never asked to be put on there


Ugh I’d hate to break this down but here we go. Obviously if the app developer publishes it on your behalf you have no way of inspecting the files. Obviously the next part means that if I incur monetary,physical,mental or any other type of damages due to me using the site, using the content that I paid for, or files transferred to me, they aren’t liable for any of it.

Well, that’s all good and all, but they still have a TOS and parts of the TOS protect the buyer and protect the seller so this statement is actually quite contradictory considering that fiverr allows for refunds under “certain circumstances.” But I thought fiverr wasn’t to be held responsible for anything? That’s what they said right? Well lol Fiverr knows that their little TOS isn’t as well written as they thought it was which is why they offer refunds and credits and such. Otherwise the first thing you see when you sign up for Fiverr is NO EXCHANGES,REFUNDS,REBATES OR REBUTTALS, ALL SALES FINAL!

Honestly contracts are contracts and they can be manipulated enough if you have a good lawyer. Every contract can be broken down, that’s what lawyers do, you pay them to make new laws appear out of nothing lol.

All I want is Fiverr to implement a code firewall that makes sure the product is safe. Like seriously we see a lot of foreign sellers on here, and a lot of them are in…non-US friendly countries…so if I were to hire a developer and they made me an app and that app was published on American servers and let’s say they put in a code that could infiltrate the NSA lol idk something crazy. The US government is going to say, where did this come from? Oh it came from xxxxxxx user from Fiverr. Yea I paid for it but it doesn’t say DigitMint paid for an app that can infiltrate the NSA no it says DigitMint paid for an app to show Cat gifs…and the Fiverr verified seller added malicious code…code that was never accessible to DigitMint…I’m serious Fiverr is going to have to do anti-terrorism checks on apps now.


Seriously? :laughing:


Hey, all it takes is one attempt from an outside political group to get one seller on Fiverr to embed hidden code that only Fiverr would have the resources to discover versus the little, incompetent buyer such as myself to find. You would laugh, but that’s how a lot of the crazy TOS terms are created. Things people wouldn’t have thought of are the things that bite you.


The bottom line is that Fiverr has it clearly written in the ToS that they do offer a certain amount of buyer protection in that refunds may be given if the product is not what was promised. The refund is usually given in Fiverr credit to use on this site and is not for extra damages but for the price of the gig. They are also clear that the protection does not extend to checking out every gig sold or anything remotely like that.

Buyers have their own choices to shop on a site with more guarantees, firewalls, free gifts, and great pizza recipes. Fiverr doesn’t have those things right now. Buyers could shop here, but hire a 3rd party to carefully check the code. In some cases you can get products here so cheap that you’d still be ahead after paying for 3rd party QA. This is a bargain site with limited protections for both buyer and seller. They do try to take action if a seller is doing something terribly wrong.

They also take action against buyers in the same way. There have been a few sellers lately who received orders or messages from buyers with attachments. The sellers were eager for a sale and it turned out the attachments had malware in them. Fiverr took action against those fake buyers and then sellers had to repair any additional damage on their own. It’s part of selling on a bargain site as well. I’m not trying to be harsh at all, but this is the reality as far as I know.


I suggest you to cancel the order and look for another seller.
Before placing an order you should discuss about these things.


Your terrorist worries are understandable from the media storms that we see, but in reality, Fiverr is a very small player in e-commerce and the ToS has served it OK through some pretty difficult times. Yes, the ToS changes often to shift with times, but overall it works. Let’s not get too far onto a tangent about such a hotbutton topic here, but if you do find or have evidence of something that worries you or have serious concerns, the forum wouldn’t be the place for it at all. Please do send any evidence you have or theories that they should consider to That’s the right place for that and they will read and respond. :slight_smile:


Tangent no, discussion yes. Thanks for the input.


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