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Define Too Busy


Haven’t been outside the house for 2 months, or maybe more, still to get an eye checkup, get other people to shop for me/order everything online, even groceries, because I don’t have the time to go out, do my taxes online, do my banking online, and even send my complaints to the government online about garbage not being taken on time. Going outside means standing in my garden for 5 minutes in the morning, sipping coffee. I know what you will say, use limit orders. Okay. Placed a limit order at 20 orders a month back when I had 33 orders, now I think I have 49 orders in the queue. I’ve taken myself off Fiverr search for 1 month, still getting orders. Well, at least there’s Euro 2016. Thank God for small mercies!


And how do I have time to spare to watch Euro 2016? I don’t…I write and watch football at the same time…have placed the TV right in front of my desk :slight_smile:


It is amazing how you can do all that :slight_smile:


I know you only do that to keep you busy. But I feel I am too old to work like that (and we don´t have to be the same). Some people told me that I am too young to be retired and I could be more productive. But I don´t care. It´s my life. It´s not their business that I feel that what I have had is more than enough for the rest of my life. I don´t feel like I am wasting my time. I don´t have anything else to accomplish other than to help more dogs. I am enjoying where I am at now. That´s why I am not gonna tell you what to do with your life. If you enjoy it then it´s all that matters :slight_smile:


Just do what makes you happy, don’t worry about what others would say and don’t keep up pretences. Don’t try to impress people or worry about what they would think. - The philosophy of my life,


Please take care of your health. I’m in the same boat as you are and it is hard on one’s health being cooped up starring at a computer screen every waking moment. I do understand though why you do it, if you are like me.
I too sip my coffee outside first thing in the morning as I feed some birds and a pack of squirrels sunflower seed before scurrying back inside.

Being so busy with work is rewarding but we need to take walks and get more fresh air and sunshine.


I know, I will have fewer orders from next week as the limit order will start working, so will start exercising, etc.


2 months? Be serious my friend… You need time for yourself. Even if its only 3 or 2 hours. If i may ask, how many hours do you sleep?


5 hours. :slight_smile: I really enjoy my life, this is my way of reacting to several years of complete inactivity.


Still no thoughts about raising your prices? This would allow you to make the same amount + even more but also leave time for yourself.
I was really hesitant raising my prices but I want you to know it was a smooth transition. I didn’t have any complaints and still have returning customers.
I love my work and I really enjoy working and getting orders. Fiverr has helped me built a business which I am really thankful for. At the same time Life is too short and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Go out meet people, make friends. Being cooped up in the house 24/7 cannot be healthy.

Think about it writer,we are just trying to help you here :).


I know! Yeah, but I hate changing something that has worked so well for me. Will finish the current lot of orders over next 2 weeks and think of raising prices…anyway I am under the limit order option, so not getting any orders from new clients.


Don’t be afraid, changes can be scary but sometimes can be a good thing . Anyways take care of yourself :slight_smile:




Thank you :slight_smile: I like your philosophy of life, it is similar to mine. BTW, Hungary made 2 goals today. The second one was nice and smooth. I don´t watch football. But today I got curious so I turned on the TV. I only started to watch it after the first goal though :stuck_out_tongue:


We live the same life. The frustrating part is when you get the queue down to a good number, make plans, then it spikes up in mere hours -_-


I thought limit orders would do more than remove it from search? I thought it prevented any new orders from acceptance unless it was a custom quote. Is that wrong?

Yes, you sound too busy but since you can afford to take some time off and hired people to take care of things, it sound like you need to just to be out and about! That can turn into agoraphobia. Get some sun and socialization!


Yeah, I saw the first half, nothing happened, so turned the TV off…will catch the highlights.


No, old clients can order directly…it keeps your links active for them.


Yeah, but still better than not getting any orders, though :slight_smile:


If you uncheck the “Keep direct link active” the order button wont be clickable for old clients when a gig is overbooked.