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Define Weekend days

Hi, in my case in particular i would like an option to define that in the weekends appear that i don’t do gigs, like the vacation button but automatic, that way I i won’t be so worried about my response rate or losing gigs because I forgot to activate the vacation button.


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Reply to @tsweezey: This is it! You’ve got it all figured out and I hope Fiverr is already working on the same or similar solution.

It’s just a bit too much to have deadlines fall on weekends and have to lose Saturdays and Sundays over such small amounts.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Amen. I never understood the whole Average thing anyway, since anything beyond average is technically considered late in the fiverr universe. Very odd.

Reply to @tsweezey: That’s why all my gigs have the words “in 3 days” in the gig title. Average delivery is irrelevant, buyers need to know what the seller promises, not his averages.

Reply to @ricksper: to be honest, as a buyer I don’t really look at the word “average” in fact I had to go look. I rarely tend to notice it, just the number of days.

and it’s not so much that what I buy is that time sensitive, I just prefer a quicker turn around.

I came to the forum to make the same suggestion when I saw this. None of us can realistically be available 24/7. We should be able to define operating hours and days off without having to manually put it on vacation mode every week and worrying how that will effect how we show up in searches when we return.

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Well, I agree, but I think there’s a better way to do this. Currently the visitor see’s an option that is “Average Delivery Days” or similar. This of course has no grounding in reality, rather, it’s “Seller’s Absolute Latest Delivery.” There is nothing “average” about it.

What I’d like to see is a format where, much like Amazon, a date ETA would be displayed on the gig before ordering. For example, “You can have this order delivered as early as June 15th.” As part of this process, a seller could select from a calendar the days that they work. This way, the customer doesn’t need to know that you don’t work weekends… it’s all transparent to them.

This also helps solve the problem where buyers send emails requesting what our current delivery schedule is. Because in fairness, they think that the “Average Delivery” means that we delivery sooner, or later.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Reply to @sincere18: Not to beat this all to death but if most people see the word average, they are likely to presume that sometimes it takes longer and sometimes sooner.

It would also be nice if we had custom expedite schedules. +$xx for next day, +$xx for three day, etc.

Reply to @tsweezey: Agree. That calendar idea of yours is excellent.

Reply to @silberma1976: but if you had pre-set hours or a do not disturb, buyers would not buy from you. As a buyer I do not care that you do not do gigs on weekends, if you want 2 days off, then just make sure your gig delivery is 3 days so it doesn’t matter when the gigs come in. I think sellers would loose out, because a buyer looks for gigs when they need them, if you are not working for 2 days they will just move on to someone else.

Reply to @sincere18: But if a Seller builds in extra time just in case of unforeseen events and it gets displayed as “Days on Average” it becomes an untruthful and misleading statistic. Fiverr must surely have the ability to calculate and display what a Seller’s actual average delivery time is along with the maximum time that the Seller has stated he might need. You as a Buyer may be inclined to order from a Seller whose “Average days to deliver is 3 days with a maximum allowance of 6 days” rather than just “6 days on Average”. It’s no huge programming task. I have never delivered an order in more than 3 days but prospective Buyers see 5 Days On Average

Reply to @ricksper: actually as a buyer I would not buy in that instance where it says average delivery 3 days but maximum is 6. To me as a buyer that means I can always be one of the people where it doesn’t get delivered until 6 days. Which if I want 3 days turnaround I will look for a buyer who’s end/max date is 3 days, not 6.

When i buy I am well aware of the delivery time on a sellers page, which I look at, and I know it will take up to that time, but that it’s possible I can get it sooner, but no gaurantees. If I want a guarantee then I need to buy a one day delivery extra gig if it’s available.

Just sharing some other info from the mindset of a buyer. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: I do not know which types of Gigs you buy but apparently they are very specific and time sensitive. There may be many others whose needs are no so demanding. What I’m taking issue with is the description of a Seller’s time frame a “average” It is emphatically not so.

BTW, have you never had a delivery gone late on a one day delivery?

Reply to @ricksper: but for people who know how the system works, they know that whatever that number is, the system will mark the order late if it’s after that. Is that not true? Sellers come here from time to time writing concerns over that a gig was marked late…so what date is Fiverr using to mark it late then?

sincere18 said: .so what date is Fiverr using to mark it late then?

Reply to @sincere18: Certainly not the calculated average number of days but the maximum number of days as stated by the Seller, just as it is now.

Reply to @ricksper: well, as a buyer I have no idea where it says max. days, I simply see the average days when I am browsing through gigs.

Something like this should be part of a wider move to manage the amount of gig orders that come in.

Reply to @sincere18:

sincere18 said: I simply see the average

Fiverr's use of the term "Days on Average" days are actually the number days that the Seller states that he might take to complete a Gig. In no way is it an average, the Seller posts this number when he creates the Gig. In my case, I state that I will complete an order within 5 days. In reality, on average my Gigs are completed in less than 2 days.
So what I am trying to get across to them is this:
The number used when Fiverr says "Days on Average" is a falsehood. That number of days is not a calculated average, period. A more truthful statement would go something like this.
"Days on Average 2, may require up to 5 days to complete"

I put my turn around in the description so it is clear. The average is a delivery average.