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Defining the scope of "revision"

If a buyer submitted instructions for a service and I delivered the service according to buyer’s instructions, then the buyer finds out that s/he submitted wrong instructions in the first place, am I obligated to re-do the job under the “revision”, not as a new order?

Defining a revision is up to you! Since you’re a freelancer, meaning you’re your own boss, you get to choose all of your rules and guidelines.

I would suggest making an FAQ in your gig or putting something in the gig description that tells your buyers about the limits and details of a revision!

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That’s an interesting situation.

I think that since the error was the Buyer’s, I’d make an exception and consider this a revision.

Hopefully, by doing that you earn extra business from the Buyer by being fair, considerate and professional.


No, that is a Re-Work. As in you did the work requested, delivered it and now they want what could be a whole new job made for no extra coin.

A Revision is like where someone says, can we adjust that red by a shade? A ReWork is where someone says, I know I asked for a duck as the main character but can we now try a Crocodile or a Dragon? Anything that requires a rebuild of the project rather than an adjustment is no longer a revision. Of course, fixing an error is neither - provided it is really an error on the part of the seller and not of the buyer’s Brief like where I typed “duck” I really meant “crocodile” and you should have known that seeing you claim to be a professional!!!

There are several possibilities,

  • They really did realize their initial Brief was flawed and they are genuine but a bit disorganized (or totally clueless). Up to you how to play that whether forgiving and “helpful” and do it as a kindness.
  • They are genuine but you don’t feel obliged to invest a lot of unpaid, unvalued portions of your life. In which case, acknowledge and remind them that this will take “fresh” time to get done so if they want to go ahead, a Custom Order will need to be arranged (and paid).
  • they are a reseller who didn’t bother getting a proper Brief from their customer and promised endless revision on your behalf. Essentially…
  • They are scamming and getting you to make several jobs until you get annoyed and cancel, meaning they get all the work so-far for free. Because you have to Deliver a workable project before they agree to pay, they can cut n run at any time with no real penalty. The longer they get you to make new projects, the more value they get from their (non)investment in you.

Take care and understand who this “buyer” really is before you move. best to cut your losses if they show any signs of being in the last two groups. If you are suspecting them, still send the Custom Offer and remain positive with them that you are happy to do the extra work for the extra amount. When they refuse but still demand the work, go to CS with a request for a no-blame cancellation backed by all the facts (but no emotion).

The only stumbling block you then have is if you are have left yourself open with 100 Satisfaction or Unlimited Revision promises in which case you have probably snookered yourself.



Thank you for sharing this!

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