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Defrauded on fiverr


Someone pls help me. I just paid to have a job done for me. In less than 5 mins the seller marked the job as completed and delivered without even doing the job!

I was shocked and decided to cancel the job as he never even bothered to communicate with me. But for the past week he keeps rejecting to have a mutual cancellation and fiverr has no where whereby i can independently ask them to have a look at this. Someone pls help me stop thia fraudster. Its not the money but the principal at the end of the day!!!


You can click Customer Support link and create a new ticket.

Please consider that delivering an empty gig is against the rules: if it happens again, please remember to click the “ASK FOR MODIFICATION” button (so the order gets rejected and the seller is forced to work on it while the clock is ticking) and report the seller to Customer Support.


You might want to contact the Customer Service people. One the gig page, there’s a tab for “Activity” and one for “Resolution Center.” Use the second one.


I’m sorry to hear about your experience, while the status of the order is Delivered, please request modifications from your Seller using the Resolution Center or the button available on the order page. If there’s no further response or insisting on accepting what isn’t advertised, please contact Customer Support to review the order further.

ilovesidney said: I was shocked and decided to cancel the job as he never even bothered to communicate with me.

You need to communicate with the Seller as well - it's a two way street. :) Remember, you or Fiverr cannot force a Seller to accept cancellation but it is a violation to mark an order as delivered without sending any work. I would communicate with the Seller, utilizing the request modification button and start a support ticket getting Customer Service involved. Fiverr's team will handle the violations taking place while you wait to get the work you paid for.


Buyers can always cancel orders via customer support, even old orders, do not worry, you are always protected here :slight_smile:


well, maybe he’s a fraud, but try contacting the buyer, it once happened to me when I delivered an order to a customer my internet connection was crashing, for some reason I delivered text with no attached files, and I didn’t notice that until he said that there’s no attached files. But if he’s somewhat a trusted seller with a good rating I don’t think he would do that intentionally, but if he really is a fraud you can contact CS and I guess you will get your money back.

Try clicking modify work, he will be forced to deliver something, old work or new work.