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Degree in Dietetics and a whole lot of Nutrition experience!

I dont just do diet plans and coaching, I practice what I preach! I am a Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder and earned the bodybuilding title of Mr. Kentucky in 2018. I plan my diet weekly and prepare my 6 daily meals twice a week in advance. Yes, each week I eat 42 meals! Everyone and their mother on social media is a Nutrition or Diet “Coach”. Diets are simple, its people and their individual specific dietary needs which is complicated. You’re an individual, you have individual needs, you shouldn’t be receiving a plan that wasn’t designed specifically for your health and dietary needs.
If you are in the market for a Nutrionist or Nutrition/Diet coach. Please do yourself a favor and really do your due diligence on the person. In my experience working with people, I see a lot of uneducated people giving bad dietary coaching because they have no formal education. In a lot of cases, using diets they found on the internet.
I earned my Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences from Western Kentucky University 2015 (Go TOPS!). I have experience doing basic general diet plans for individuals who want to maintain a healthy diet; Diet plans to reduce the risk or treat diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc,; Diet plans to gain size and strength or lose fat mass while maintaining and increasing muscle mass. What I really enjoy, working with those who have never had success with a Diet Coach or Nutrition Professional!
But please, if you are in the market for dietary coaching, make sure you’re getting the professionalism you deserve and not another social media diet coach. If they are only interested in giving you a diet plan and not teaching you about your diet. They are doing you a disservice.

“Give a man/woman a fish and feed him/her for a day. But teach a man/woman to fish, you feed him/her for a lifetime.”

Glad you joined to this awesome community. We need guys like you for our program of coaches on Nature Trust. Hope will see more experienced people like you.