Delay in messaging?


Is anybody else experiencing delays with messaging? I completed two gigs yesterday and i havent had a response from either buyer. Also I had a gig ordered and havent got the information from the buyer yet. IT seems to be sluggish all around. Anyone else?


Hi friend,I had that experience…there are some buyers don’t respond well but later will do…some are take the deliver items and go without leaving a feedback or message.Other thing is some buyer are placing an order and they are missing,for this situation you had better to contact the customer support…



I don’t believe there is a “delay in messaging”.

Sometimes buyers are busy and it takes a few days for them to log in and check Fiverr.

As @kjblynx said, sometimes they just don’t know.

Sometimes a buyer doesn’t like our work and is too polite to say anything.

It’s the same with buyers. They place the order and then it takes them a few days to send you what you need, or they don’t realize they need to send instructions to activate the order.

TGIF :slight_smile: